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Social media is arguably one of the best and fastest way for every business to reach customers, and increase brand presence and awareness. Having active social media channels is essentially a prerequisite for anyone running a business.

Maintaining a Facebook page, for example, could however be disarming and overwhelming if you are not equipped with the right tool. Inconsistently sharing posts or uploading photos will bore your audience. Here are some tools you need to maintain a consistent social engagement:

1. HootSuite

The tool that comes to mind, HootSuite supports six major platforms (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, and Pinterest). Users can easily schedule posts for every social media platform, all in a single dashboard.

2. TweetDeck

As the name suggests, it's a tool for management of Twitter accounts. It was initially a standalone third-party Twitter app but was acquired by Twitter in 2011, and is now integrated with Twitter via

3. Google Analytics

Google Analytics allows you to track whatever traffic that's coming into your web assets - i.e. website and social media accounts. As you know, analytics is the game and the more you measure your social media traffic, the more it will help you determine which strategy works and which doesn't; which page has a high bounce rate; what platform are your top users using. A lot of things.

4. MeetEdgar

So here's the thing - you're a social media manager who keenly shares content regularly but there's a catch to it. Not everyone will instantly read whatever content you've shared, and it will take more than a post for people to start engaging. So the solution to this is MeetEdgar which automatically shares whatever content you have on a given social platform, which then increases the likelihood that users will share and read your content.
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