Defining your brand personality through colours

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Warrior Forum is predominantly red and black. Open Facebook and Twitter, and you see their signature hues of blue. Colours define a brand, and they either attract or repel customers.

Every colour brings a distinctive taste and personality. Green and blue evoke feelings of calmness and serenity. Grey brings sophistication. Yellow feels bright and active. Red attracts attention. And regardless of how aggressive you are on social media or affiliate marketing, your brand just won't work without the right hue.

Below are examples of top brands in their official colours:

Here are insights on some of the most popular colours used in branding:


Red evokes a strong emotion. If we talk about Coca Cola, it's telling you to "drink me". If we talk about Netflix, it's about "stream shows". Red also triggers our appetite, that's why it's used in McDonalds and KFC. And don't forget - Ferrari's classic colour comes in red.


Blue is associated with calmness, and a study done by YouGov concluded that blue is the most universally favoured colour of all. Furthermore, according to Color Psychology:
Light blue - creativity
Sky blue - calming and relaxing
Dark blue - intelligence and lack of emotion

If you also happen to run a device on Windows 10, the distinctive Windows logo is in blue. Boeing's official logo is also in blue.


As dark as black looks, the latter is most associated with luxury, power, and sophistication. It also evokes security and authority. And perhaps the most iconic logo with black as its main colour is the Swoosh:


Green is synonymous with nature and health, and is oftentimes used by health products. Green is also related to money and banking, and if you play video games money is often represented as a stash of green bills.


The ever-bright and sunny yellow exudes fun, happiness, and warmth. It conveys positive emotions and creates a feeling of extroversion, but can be difficult to use unless used alongside a darker colour (preferably black).

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