Spotify rolls out new marketing tools for podcast advertisers

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Spotify announced Wednesday a new suite of tools for podcast advertisers which will now let them view podcast impressions, frequency, audience reach, and demographic information for podcast ads.

These new metric tools will support Spotify's new Streaming Ad Insertion (SAI), which uses data from their podcast audience together with ads from the streaming audio service.

As you might know, Spotify today has tons of original and exclusive podcasts and streaming in Q3 2019 increased by a factor of 39%. Spotify also boasts more than 500,000 podcasts.

According to Spotify, they are aiming to explore these key areas:

Reach the audience you want to reach
To date, podcast advertisers have had to rely on audience surveys or inferences about the podcast's content to figure out where to allocate their podcast ad budgets. Spotify Podcasts Ads reach a logged-in user base of millions of listeners. We provide data-driven recommendations and insights to help you reach the right audience.

Deliver your ads with confidence
In 2016, the IAB unified measurement of "ad delivery" across the industry,3 but due to the distributed, downloaded nature of podcasting, the new guidelines could not tell advertisers whether listeners actually heard their ads. Spotify Podcast Ads measure real impressions as they occur, reporting on the age, gender, device type, and listening behavior of the audience reached.

Understand the impact of your investment
Without knowing who actually heard an ad, podcast advertisers have largely been unable to measure the impact of their podcast advertising through typical digital media practices like brand lift studies or conversion reporting. To date, podcast advertisers have found creative ways to directionally indicate whether their ads resonated through tactics like coupon codes and vanity URLs. With Spotify Podcast Ads, we will be able to tap into our suite of digital measurement capabilities to learn more about how people perceive your brand and take action after hearing your ad.

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