The anatomy of an infographic

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There's no question infographics are effective in delivering your strategy and message across. In fact, infographics resonate well with audience, and according to here are the six essential elements of an infographic.

Descriptive title and subheads

Infographics are mostly comprised of illustrations; hence titles and subheadings are short but concise as in the example below. Some subheads however, are written longer than others, depending on the context.

Informative statistics

There's a reason for that "info" in infographics - informative data containing all the relevant facts and figures you need.

Bold, thematically appropriate colour scheme

Colours help define the theme and mood of any infographic, as discussed here.

Eye-catching graphics

And the trend in graphic design is flat illustrations, as they are easy to the eyes and very catchy.

Clearly organized, sequential story

Infographics are essentially visual narratives. It's nonsense to just put up numbers and whatever on a graphic without explaining what's going on behind, right?

Specially formatted facts

Key facts and figures are often highlighted or boldfaced, while pertinent quotes are in italics or quotation marks.

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    All your tips are helpful for a graphic designer to design an infographic effectively. For best infographic output, consider these simple tips too- write a compelling title, use contrast in your design, use color in an effective way, don't miss the consistency in your design. It isn't that hard to create an effective infographic design. If you can't do it by yourself, don't skew it. Search for best graphic company near you to do that for you.
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