Snapchat publishes report on Gen Z brand expectations

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As mentioned on my previous report, Gen Zs are the next generation marketers should start strategizing and targeting. Now Snapchat published a new report on what Gen Z consumers expect from brands, and the top responses were:
  • Continuously-evolving brands
  • Adoption of latest tech
  • Accessible products
  • Makes people's lives easier
  • Makes people happier

And surprisingly, Gen Zers are expanding to "include emotional as well as practical utility." Now, brands are encouraged to make customers happy, expand access to goods and services, and make lives easier.

The report also emphasizes Gen Zs preference for brands to act on customer feedback, noting:

"Listening to customer feedback and ideas is another mark of innovation. Gen Z feels strongly that brands should source ideas from the public to stay ahead of the curve. They're also more likely to support a company if they feel their feedback makes a difference (80%) and if the company actually makes changes based on customer feedback (82%)."

And that's an evolution of consumer behaviour - with brands running social media accounts, people can share their thoughts anytime they wish, with those thoughts viewable by everyone else, and with the expectation that brands listen and take action.
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