The role of social media in beverages, according to Facebook

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A recent study conducted by Facebook and Kantar discusses the role that social media plays on consumer discover including the beverage sector, to better understand the modern consumer, and map out their behaviour.

The research concluded that physical stores are still top of mind when consumers buy their favourite latte. I agree with this - I still prefer running to my favourite café for my daily caffeine fix. However, digital channels including social media, play a crucial role in influencing drink choices. Other factors include convenience and health benefits.

Facebook compiled its key findings in the infographic below:

You can read the full report here.

My usual fix either the regular black roast coffee, or Nitro Cold Brew, and I can't start my day without caffeine or I'll get lethargic and unmotivated throughout the day. What's your drink fix? Do you usually buy that trendy spiced latte on Instagram?
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