Customers want more real-time support options

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In a report from Marketing Land, 72% of consumers aged 18 to 64 said that they prefer texting with a live agent in real-time to improve the overall customer service experience. This, after a 500-respondent poll on US consumers, also revealed that people want text-based customer service channels over technology-enabled channels.

SMS, email, in-app messaging, and live chat all outranked live video support. In particular, 70% of respondents think email and in-app messaging would improve customer support.

And still, human touch outweighs technology. Despite advances in automation technology, and the possible threat of machines eventually replacing human labour, nothing replaces authentic human interaction. Programmers will never be able to simulate human emotions in a chatbot, as the latter would still sound too programmed and too scripted.

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    There is a time and place for everything. There will always be a need for human interaction as a vital part of the process regardless. Technology is only meant to aid with it.
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    Nothing beats real live customer support where they help you analyze what the problem is and guide you Step by Step how to solve makes dealing with issues so much easier..instead of having to read manuals or even watch video, which is better than reading manual, but still you have to figure out the problem and do it on your own
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