Google is ending its public Station WiFi programme

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Google announced via TechCrunch that they are ending Google Station, a free public Wi-Fi programme which was launched in over 400 railway stations in India, and thousands more in other public places globally. The programme will eventually wind down globally this year.

The programme was launched in 2015 in an effort to help people access the Internet, but as mobile data prices became cheaper Google Station soon became unnecessary. Google explored monetizing the service by showing ads to users when signing into the service, but it had become difficult for Google to sustain the business model and scale up.

Google Station is currently available in India, Indonesia, Mexico, Thailand, Nigeria, the Philippines, Brazil, Vietnam, and South Africa.

Are you residing in any of the mentioned countries where Google Station is available? Will it affect you once the programme finally ends?
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    Yes, I'm living in India. That Won't affect much. As you said data prices are very cheaper now a day. so that won't create problem for us in India.
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    You can have a story outline nearly every day: "Google ends...". They seem to be canceling more than they make, and after the 35th messaging app, I gave up on google products. I'm not really interested in learning or committing to anything that I know will be thrown to the curb sooner or later.

    I've rarely seen a company this big with no internal collective strategy other than "throw it at the wall, see if it sticks, scrape it off the wall at random". And the few that did are dead now, or dying on the vine.
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