Snapchat launches swipe to call in the US

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Snapchat ads will now have a "swipe to call" action to US customers. This comes after launching the feature to Middle East customers in December.

The swipe action directs phone calls from the in-app ad, adding a new option to the existing swipe-up prompts which are:
  • Website visit
  • Extend video view
  • Install app, and now
  • Make a phone call

While phone calls will most likely be ignored by B2C channels, having a direct call option is beneficiary because according to Snap:
"This new ad product will allow automotive businesses to scale test drives and feed their leads funnel. Real estate companies will have another strong tool to increase the reach and prospect volume by getting consumers to immediately call their sales representative to book an apartment showing. Restaurants will be able to use Swipe Up to Call to drive reservations and food orders."
Snap advertisers will now be able to choose the new prompt as seen on the snip below:

A minor update, but otherwise critical for specific sectors.
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