TikTok is biggest Snapchat advertiser

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Adweek reports that TikTok is Snapchat's biggest advertiser last year, with 80% of its US ad spending dedicated to Snapchat.

TikTok is Snapchat's top advertiser in 2019, surpassing brands like Coca-Cola, Comcast, Disney, and AT&T. This shows that although Snapchat and TikTok each compete for users, particularly Gen Zs, TikTok might be aggressively looking to capture some of Snapchat's users.

Ad analytics firm Sensor Tower also noted that TikTok was the number one app install advertiser on Facebook in Feb 2019, but dropped to 40th in February last month, which shows TikTok's increased emphasis on Snapchat (and Instagram) ads, both of which have a higher percentage of younger users.

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    Doing campaign in Tiktok is current trending activity. We can get more reach in particular area.
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    I still do not have it in my smartphone but my mother already got a spam from them to her old 10 or so years old usual mobile phone with invitation to register which consists of some code in SMS like she already tried to sign up with them lately.
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    My wife had me download Tiktok over the weekend .. dang thing gives me a headache but I see where there is money to be made.
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