NY Times Magazine brings interactive ads

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NY Times Magazine announced that they are launching this year's annual music issue with print ads that have interactive features. These interactive features will work with Google Lens, an image-recognition tool from the eponymous search engine.

And because it's interactive, the integration with Google Lens will let readers see videos and animations on the music issue's editorial content. In fact, the annual 25 Songs That Matter Right Now lets readers use Lens to listen to tracks in a playlist, apart from the usual essays explaining each song's relevance

This is NY Times Magazine's goal of providing a more immersive experience for readers with Lens-activated digital content, and giving advertisers an idea of how many people respond to ad placements.

But it isn't just NY Times which looks to create immersive experiences; USA Today is also developing several AR experiences to enhance storytelling with digital imagery; and last year, Cosmopolitan magazine hosted an online event to engage fans of its Netflix series in collaboration with the Google News Initiative.

It's good seeing print media keeping up with times and working on developing more interactive ways to interact with consumers.

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