[Video] Crypto investment workshop with Joe Shaw

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Here's a video of blockchain enthusiast Joe Shaw talking about crypto investment, and the salient points are:
  • Investment isn't about floating on a river; it's about choosing the river that you want to go on.
  • Know the current political and economical climate.
  • Have a knowledge of the highest-performing market in history.
  • Minimise risk and best position your investments.
  • Non-complex investment strategies so you can be ahead of the market.
  • Blueprints and strategies for value investing.

You can watch the full video below.

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    I love videos like this, you can learn a lot.
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      I truly think, that practice is more important in such things.
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    Joe Shaw is amazing when he speaks about crypto. Everything is informative and looks so easy. It's isn't that simple though
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    A lot of regular people simply don't like to make investments because it's boring as hell, don't you think? And their market demand is all about crypto-related games, where they can not just to earn money, but to get some fun and cooperate one with another.
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  • Profile picture of the author marvin11nr
    Great, thanks for sharing that.
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    He explains everything in details, I truly love it.
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