Donating computing power to help fight the coronavirus

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Global healthcare is currently stressed at fighting the coronavirus, but it's not just healthworks fighting. Cue in the Folding@home project, a virtual supercomputer which, according to Science News, "uses crowdsourced computing power to run simulations of proteins for researchers studying diseases." The project was first announced in February, and had already started working on analysing proteins found in COVID-19.

Folding@home works by contacting multiple servers using a client server installed on a PC. As it contacts these servers, the client runs on spare CPU time, uploading work units to the server.

This is a great way to make spare computing power useful, even if on idle. The programme also runs in the background and on low CPU priority, and you won't even notice it running at all.

You can learn more about the project here.
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    From what was on the internet the other day their servers where jammed, with people working on this. Someone who signs up may have to wait a little bit for work. Also once you. The other good thing with Folding@home is they also do cancer research.

    Speaking of doing other research you can download Boinc and help do research for other projects including Cancer, HIV, TB, Microbiome. The projects use both Cpu's and Gpu's . For more information visit their home page -
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