Pinterest launches Verified Merchant programme

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Pinterest announced the launch of Verified Merchants programme, a new verification for brand profiles which meet Pinterest's quality and transparency requirements.

Pinterest further adds:

"We've launched the Verified Merchant Program with retailers who've met our qualifications for high quality customer service experiences through manual review. Verified Merchants will display a special blue checkmark on their profiles, and become eligible for increased distribution within high-intent shopping experiences and metrics like conversion reporting."
Once a profile becomes a Verified Merchant, Pinterest will add a blue checkmark to a profile. Of course, like every verified account on other social media platforms, this provides an extra level of authority and trust for your brand. Verified merchants will also get access to new features ahead of regular, nonverified users.

The programme will initially be made available to US_based merchants, but will expand to other regions later this year. And as with other social networks, having that verified blue checkmark definitely gives your brand an extra level of authority.

You can learn more about the programme here.
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    Wow, that's a great news.
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    I hope soon they will launce for India too.
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    It's good to see that Pinterest is finally joining the verified profile gang. This will surely help boost conversions for those have been anchoring traffic on the platform. Seems this is also a sign that I should start learning how to profit off it haha.
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    Did they already have a version of this before?
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  • Profile picture of the author Henry Nine
    It looks like Pinterest is tightening its grip on its users by demanding more and more personal information just like the way Facebook and other social networks have been doing for years.

    Since most of Organic Social traffic for my website comes from Pinterest, this comes as a shocking news to a small blog owner like me. They are not gonna stop at just that, you will see soon that they will ask for more and more, the future looks very bleak for all Pinterest Pinners. Days of gloom are waiting for us ahead.

    Pinterest used to be the social network with the most relaxed rules, that is soon gonna change for the worse, I am afraid. Very afraid indeed.
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    Yes , Its Great For All Online Business Owners.
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    Pinterest growing day by day . So this new function will be great. Cool

    Get my Free Course here

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  • Profile picture of the author Maca56
    I think it's a good thing, having that may increased conversions of traffic a lot, especially in the current hard times entirely and clearly. What do you think about all that ? Let's hear your thoughts, I haven't worked much with Pinterest in past.
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