Google launches blog posts highlighting the value of SEO

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Google published its first article in a series of blog posts talking about SEO case studies, with the goal of sharing success stories which demonstrate the value of SEO.

Per Google:

"We want people to hear about these success stories, so we're starting a new blog post series that features case studies.

They may, for example, help with convincing a boss' boss that investing in SEO or implementing structured data can be good for the business."
The blog can be viewed here.

What about you? What can you share about the value of SEO? Could you share with us your SEO success story?
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    Nice, post
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    wow. really a good news.
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    great news. I was waiting for them
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    So far, they have only one post and it's about fixing site errors. Which they say got them a huge increase. Which means they had a lousy web person. Not sure it really qualifies as SEO. I mean, having pages without problems is more basic than SEO.
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    That's good
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    More recently, literally, half a year ago, I was just starting to develop my business and thought that I could handle myself in all aspects of this business. Since my product was still damp and did not cause much admiration in the virtual world market, I had to turn to people who know how to work with it. My brother once advised me these guys they helped me to develop a customer base and raise my product in the most juicy perspectives. Now my business is booming and I know for sure what strategy I should move on, thanks to these guys
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