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Video creation service Animoto recently conducted a survey comprising 1000 consumers and 500 businesses, and found that 75% of any given millennial's purchase decision were influenced by a brand's socmed presence. But that's just one generation group, which by the way has spent a lot of time online.

Animoto breaks their research down by generation, and here are key insights:
  • Gen Zs choose Instagram to follow brands.
  • Baby boomers spend a lot of time on YouTube and Facebook.
  • Gen Zs, millennials, and Gen Xs rely on YouTube when making purchase decisions.

Here's the infographic.

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    thnks for sharing
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    Wow, 75%! I am SOOO not a millennial even though I technically make that age range. Actually, I don't fall in line with any of those groups when it comes to social media. I feel like an alien. Thanks for the info graphics though, they're quite interesting.
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    I really liked this post, I am grateful to the author for it, thanks.
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  • Nowadays, young people are also using YouTube to access free online courses. I think there has been a rise in the number of people investing their time on YouTube as it is a great source of online and free information.
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    That's very cool case study and for sure it's totally correct for my age anyway, so let's please finally move on with all that anyway. Somebody can and should use all that research in their daily actitvities anyway. I hope it will help them, it's very detailed.
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