Infographic - the ABCDEs of brand content, according to TikTok

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TikTok, despite its controversies about handling user data, has seen a massive surge in usage especially during the pandemic as people are quarantined and looked to pass the time away.

It might appeal to end-users, but not so much to business, many of which hesitate to explore the platform to leverage its growth. Nevertheless, here's an infographic from TikTok which provides pointers should brands explore TikTok.

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    I didn't know there were controversies around how it handled its data, but here is my shocked face -_-

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    TikTok was a fun to me, I used to do it in my free times. I never thought that it can be a marketing tool also. You have shared such a helpful information.
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    TikTok really blew up in the last 6 months, especially thanks to the current situation around the world. Great for marketing.
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    Though TikTok is popular but I won't say, its a great marketing tool. It may result in bringing traffic or increasing popularity of any individual but won't say it will result in bringing serious leads. At least I don't agree! Like I don't know if it is possible to bring serious leads related to content marketing or so?
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