LinkedIn will crack down on page follow invites

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I just hate receiving invites asking me to like a page whether it's on Facebook or LinkedIn. So in an effort to cleanup the platform, LinkedIn is introducing a limit on the number of follow invites a page admin can send.

The feature was first shared by known social media consultant Matt Navarra on Twitter, showing a 100-credit limit per month to invite connections. This means that 1 invite = 1 credit.

Image source: Matt Navarra

Now if a follower accepts the invitation, the credit is returned and in theory, if I'm a page admin and doled out 100 invites, and all these 100 invites were accepted, I get those 100 credits back and I can send out another 100.

The credits also don't rollover monthly, so if you have unused credits, they won't carry over to the next month, and you'll start back to 100 credits.

LinkedIn also placed new restrictions on who can send page follow invites, namely:
  • Page admins with less than 100,000 followers can send invites to their connections.
  • Page admins with less than three connections can't send page follow invites.
  • Only one invite per member can be sent.

What do you think? Are you actively managing a LinkedIn page? Would restricting who sends invites and how many invites can be sent affect page interactions? Chime in.
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    I try to accept and invite people whom have something in common with me other wise I will not send the invite .
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