TikTok opens self-serve ad platform to all businesses

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Tiktok announced that its self-serve ad platform is now open to all businesses globally. This gives businesses the resources and flexibility to engage with their audience with TikTok as their platform.

Per TikTok:

"TikTok, a platform that celebrates creativity and storytelling from its users, aims to give marketers innovative tools with which to create authentic, creative content unique to the app. More and more brands are realizing TikTok's unique ability to reach and engage with a broader audience, and today's launch of new advertising solutions for SMBs makes it seamless, easy, and efficient for all brands to now meaningfully connect with the TikTok community."
What's notable is the platform provides the same targeting and scheduling tools as with other ad platform solutions like Facebook Ad Manager. TikTok opens another presence with a large user base.

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