Snapchat announces brand profiles

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Snapchat announced a new closed beta of brand profiles, and will provide brands with more ways to connect to Snap users. And as explained by Snapchat:

"Brand Profiles offer a permanent home for brands on Snapchat, [bringing] various brand experiences for Snapchatters together into a single home on our service. With 229 million Snapchatters using the app daily, this real estate for our partners is especially important in a world where our millennial and Gen Z audiences can be hard to reach and build deep, authentic relationships with on many platforms."
Snapchat's goal with brand profiles is to bring brand elements to a singular presence, and will let brands showcase:
  • Branded AR Lenses - save and showcase any Lenses they've created or commissioned on their profile, helping to maximize the value of their promotional tie-in AR experiences
  • Highlights - showcase collections of their best public Snaps, Stories, photos, and videos right on their profile.
  • Story posts - showcase their own public Story on their brand profile.
  • Native Store - an optional Store experience, enabling Snapchatters to browse and purchase items directly within the app.

This is a significant upgrade for Snapchat, which hasn't traditionally been a platform for brands and businesses. That changes now.

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