Reiterating my post on SMS this 2020

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Let me quote the article I wrote this January:

"Text messaging. It's arguably the fastest way to reach someone. Need to catch up with a friend? You can quickly send them a text. Need to update your manager about a client who didn't show up to a meeting? Send a text. Want to quickly reach your audience? Send them an SMS blast."
That still stands true, however I'd like to deviate from SMS itself and more into the increased smartphone use especially now that many people spend more time indoors, and spend more time on their phones. More importantly, smartphones are very critical to a person's daily agenda. They've changed the way we do things, and last year:
  • 81% used a mobile device to manage finances
  • 79% used a mobile device to make online purchases
  • 32% used a mobile device to access government services

Here's an infographic from Soprano illustrating the wide reach of mobile communication.

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