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A new article on Search Engine Journal reveals Google just announced the launch of a new way for businesses and content to monetize events.

Google just made an announcement about a new video event service it's calling Fundo. Creators can essentially sell tickets for events they arrange online, and Google says:

"In addition to YouTube creators and their fans, we're seeing authors, fitness instructors, business and lifestyle consultants, and others use Fundo to find new ways to connect."
Creators get the option of connecting with users in a few different ways using Fundo. Firstly, there's the 1:1 Chat + Photos feature. That allows a one-on-one event to get created, creators get paid for providing that, and can use it to meet fans, for instance.

Next up, is Meet and Greets. This feature is similar to one-to-one events, but multiple fans can connect with their online creator idol using this feature. Google says:

"As a fan, you'll have a variety of experiences to choose from. Join the Q&A with... channel members in a group Meet & Greet..."
Fundo offers workshops offer option for businesses affected by COVID-19

The next feature is Workshops. This feature can actually be a very suitable option during the current pandemic because it provides the potential for affected businesses to explore new sources of revenue. The article suggests that, for instance, restaurants short on normal business could host daily cooking class using the service - and Fundo means they'd be getting paid for the effort too. That could lead to clever ways to expand and exploit that initial connection, and even to whole new business models.

Given the obvious scope for abuse, Google says that safety is a big consideration with Fundo:

"Safety is a top priority. Because Fundo is checking everyone's ticket, there's no risk of uninvited guests. We also have reporting and flagging features to curtail abuse."
Creators who want to try their hand at Fundo can sign up by clicking this link,
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