What to expect from marketing this 2021

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Another year, another trend and process shift. Last year saw a reactive response due to the pandemic. Now that everyone has adapted to the pandemic, expect trends such as increased video consumption, hybrid events and more, this year. Check out this infographic.

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    yeah , probably it will be less changes and even if it will be hopefully it will be helpful for all.
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    Great post and thank you for sharing. 2021 is certainly going to be a different year. The increase in remote workers is a great point. Work at home used to be a small percentage of the work force, and it has increased dramatically with the Covid19 pandemic.
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    Video = youtube, Obviously, the rich will be even richer.
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    E-commerce always in top 10.
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    Interesting stat about remote working. I am seeing this too that people are now used to working from home and not wasting time with commuting. Only challenge is many management types do not like loosing control and like to micromanage you in the office. Many developers are already used to it as tools such as bitbucket and others help to log their daily work efforts. I also found the video stat interesting. I better make some more videos.
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    There are a number of marketing automation, trends circulating in marketing including AI, automation tools, Machine learning, etc. You can expect a lot.
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    I believe online marketing will continue to grow and become the greatest marketplace whilst offline marketing continues to fall. The biggest question is: 'until when?' which is certainly one of the most difficult questions during this pandemic. Will life ever return 100% back to normal? Your guess is as good as mine.
    Stay safe.
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    I'm glad to see that there will be a bigger emphasis on Privacy and keeping and using our own data. It will be a huge year will some exciting changes and lots of opportunities to grow into new areas.

    I think I will take a stab at video this year.
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    I loved this! Being in a business where marketing is essential, I appreciate this a lot.
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  • You're right. In the future, many new forms of marketing channels will prevail such as influencer marketing, video content, marketing automation tools, AI, machine learning, etc.
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  • Another growing trend that is quickly becoming popular among the masses is the use of marketing automation tools. It is helping business to streamline their processes.
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  • Thank you for sharing this post this is very informative especially those people who are in the field of business. I believed 2021 marketing seems so interesting, let's see!

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  • Very insightful. We all know this year is a lot different from previous years so changes in aspects of marketing are also inevitable.
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    The stats about video content is really true. It's a trend I've been seeing happen for years now. Personally, I would also much rather watch a video for information on a topic, which helps explain why many marketers do it as well, as it increases conversion rates by a lot
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