5 reasons why social media marketing strategies fail

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Yes, there are tons of successful strategies that businesses implement on social media. And yes, promoting your business on Facebook works however it's become so ubiquitous that the eponymous social platform is becoming boring.

Anyway, the point is almost every business owner has a registered social media account to reach and gain more followers and customers. And if you happen to own a startup or something, chances are you've struggled with your social media strategy, and you're wondering how others do it. Read on.

Buying followers
This is actually the worst way to grow your clients. A lot of businesses are buying followers, especially on Instagram. It's a really bad idea as most of these followers could possibly be fake, and this is also a violation of Instagram's terms of service. To simplify things, the only legit way to acquire real social media followers is to organically build your followers (i.e. constantly post relatable content) over a long period of time.

You oversell
Hard selling. The bane of social media content. While you can basically get away with hard selling on non-social medium (i.e. telesales, email marketing, etc.), social media marketing is different. It's no longer just about buying - it's also about entertainment and memes and anything that's relatable. If your content comes off as "salesly", you might bore off your followers.

There is a fine line between consistently and sparingly posting content on your pages. Sparingly post, and your pages die a slow death from loss of traffic and engagement. Overpost, and you end up becoming too ubiquitous that your followers become annoyed and you might end up getting muted or even unfollowed. And that is why you should schedule when to post and how frequently you post content on your pages.

And inversely, if you sparingly post, like aforementioned, your pages will die a slow death and your pages will become irrelevant to your followers' news feed. That's just how social media algorithms work these days. Learn how your audience works so you have a better understanding of when to schedule new content.

Little engagement
Nothing happens in social media without audience engagement. If this isn't integral in your strategy, there would be no growth. Engage with your audience. Respond to their DMs and comments, whether that message is positive or negative.
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