How Twitter users and brands engage in issues around identity

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Gen Z consumers are increasingly looking to spend with brands that take a stand on social issues, with social media platforms providing a means for businesses to connect with their respective brand communities, and use their voice to support relevant causes and movements.

That directly relates to identity, and how people choose to align on political and cultural issues, and it's important that brands consider how their core messaging, and subsequent actions, support their beliefs and stances, in various ways.

Twitter says:

"When it comes to serious matters, such as racial justice, gender equality, and climate change, people on Twitter not only welcome brands into these conversations but expect them to speak up on behalf of their followers and others who share their values."
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    It's no secret that social media has become an integral part of interacting with the public these days. With platforms like Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram providing individuals the ability to share information and opinion quickly and easily, brands now have the ability to reach a much larger audience than ever before. And with the amount of information available on these platforms, it can be incredibly easy to come across content that may conflict with your beliefs or values.

    However, this is where it becomes extremely important for brands to take a stand on issues that are important to their target audience. By doing so, they can begin building a relationship with their target market, establishing credibility and trust at the same time. Furthermore, they can begin shaping public opinion by showing that they are willing to put their money where their mouth is.

    It's not difficult for brands to start supporting causes and movements in the public eye; all they have to do is follow what's happening, and then take an active role in it by sharing content and encouraging people to get involved. By doing so, they're showing their commitment to the cause while also demonstrating their open-mindedness and compassion towards all involved.
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