How important are privacy controls in socmed apps?

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Snapchat believes privacy is an increasing priority for social media, and more people are looking to stay connected without fear of judgement.

Given the various controversies and concerns, it's no surprise to see more sharing going dark - but how important is private sharing really, and what are users' key privacy concerns?

This infographic shows how important privacy is. Here's a brief summary:
  • 77% of respondents consider online privacy to be important - while only 72% of respondents are actually satisfied with their current level of online privacy.
  • 90% of social app users consider it important that the social/communication apps they engage with care about and protect their privacy
  • Introducing features that help communication and social app users regain control of their information is an important bridge to building trust

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    Privacy is a really important right, most people agree, so it's good that they make efforts in this direction. The thing is the Internet is structured in a way where is really difficult to really keep your privacy, first because user tend to choose convenient over privacy (can you blame them for not wanting to read 100's of pages everyday? The famous : "I confirm that I have read the terms and conditions etcetera") and second, because it doesn't matter what companies, browser, etcetera say, at the end of the day you find out of leaked data or directly sold or handed for x,y,z reason. It takes a good course to have a proper privacy online
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