4 Facebook Group hacks for your marketing needs

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Social media managers often run a multi-faceted approach when reaching out to audiences on Facebook.

For example, another way to expand the use of Facebook is by creating a Facebook Group. These Groups are excellent places for people to share thoughts on a common interest, and of course, build relationships.

Oh, and they're great for staying connected with your community.

Here are reasons why businesses can find Groups useful to get feedback from their customers.

<p><h2><b>Add your Group link to key pages</p></h2></b>
Just as you want your regular social media channels to be easily seen by your customers, you can also add a link to your Facebook Group to key pages.

If you're running a blog on your website it's an easy platform to promote your Facebook Group. This not only provides people with a new channel to connect with you, but also helps spread the word about your, well, brand.

You can also add a link to your Facebook Group on the contact page of your website or add it to the navigation or sidebar. You should also aim to periodically post about your group across your social channels.

<p><h2><b>Post polls, surveys, and quizzes</p></h2></b>
You can also quickly engage your audience through quick polls, surveys, and pop quizzes.

Question-based content is a great way to start a conversation in your group, while also learning valuable insights about your members and target market.

The good thing about surveys is you can use this data to find trends related to your brand, giving you more ideas for social media posts.

Of course, you can incentivize poll participants with giveaways or discounts for your brand to increase engagement, and eventually increase conversions.

<p><h2><b>Host Facebook Live videos</p></h2></b>
Facebook Live sessions help build familiarity with your team, audience, and brand. They can also help start conversations in your group to get more people excited about your brand.

You can perhaps host tutorial sessions with your products, or an exclusive sneak peek on an upcoming product release, or maybe even a behind the scenes look at what you're working on.

<p><h2><b>Maximise Facebook Insights</p></h2></b>
Facebook Insights can help you understand what people like about your group, what they engage the most, how they use your content, among others.

These insights also show how many people visit your group, and how often they interact with your posts.

Use these insights to find the best times to post so you can engage with the most active users. You'll also ensure that your members see these posts more, and of course get more engagement.
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