Posting Instagram Reels helps brands drive higher reach and engagement

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It's no secret that video content rules social media. TikTok has established a standard for entertaining, fascinating, and, most importantly, engaging video content. As a result, other platforms are emphasising video to enhance interaction with their consumers.

This is where TikTok rival Instagram Reels comes in.

According to Instagram CEO Adam Mosseri, friends on Instagram now post a lot more to stories and send a lot more direct messages than they do to their main feed. This provides a chance for the platform to focus heavily on video content. According to Mark Zuckerberg, Reels already account for 20% of the time users spend on Instagram.

With figures like this, you can expect Instagram to continue to emphasize Reels content, leveraging the algorithm to show up more videos to a broader audience - potentially resulting in tremendous exposure and engagement for companies.

We examined Emplifi data to learn more about Instagram Reels, how marketers are altering their strategy to accommodate more video content, and whether the return on investment is worthwhile.

Here are the most recent brand Reels trends.

Brands are catching on to the Reels rewards

Brand profiles are increasingly including Reels into their content strategy in accordance with these trends.

According to Emplifi statistics from Q2 2022, over half of all companies on Instagram published at least one Reel, up from 30% a year before. The format is most prevalent in the sports industry, with more than 60% of profiles using Reels - however other sectors are not far behind.

Having stated that, even while marketers are acquainted with Reels, it still accounts for a small portion of all brand material shared on Instagram. The causes for the slower adoption rate might include a hazy strategy or a lack of resources to generate big amounts of bulk video content.

We discovered that Reels content comprised just 7.5% of a brand's material on average (excluding Stories).

Despite the fact that the number isn't huge, it's vital to notice that it's expanding quickly.

Are brands falling back on old Instagram habits?

Habits are difficult to break, especially when your social media team is ill-equipped to deal with video material. A lot goes into video strategy, and part of the magic is making it appear easy. So, if marketers aren't harnessing the potential of Reels, what kind of content are they producing?

According to Emplifi statistics, the great bulk of IG content created by brands in Q2 2022 was single picture and single video postings. Surprisingly, Instagram Carousel posts accounted for just 20% of brand posts.

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