The evolving generative AI landscape

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Generative AI highlighted this year, with big names joining the fray. Of course ChatGPT is at the forefront, and has quickly become the "Google" of generative AI.

This chart shows an overview of the generative AI landscape, and shows 100 tools that you can use.

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    Prominent growth of Generative AI, led by key players. ChatGPT emerges as a leading force, often likened to the "Google" of generative AI.
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    Interesting how quickly generative AI has come within just the last year. ChatGPT has essentially replaced the need for mid tier article writers in my experience, with its API able to do a better job of what used to be your average $1/100 words writer in 2022.

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    Interesting! Last year Chatgpt change the all SERP strategies.
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    Yes, especially this year will be the year of artificial intelligence.
    Those who know how to use it will gain time and cash. a successful topic. thank you.
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      Absolutely! This year is poised to be the pinnacle for artificial intelligence, offering unparalleled opportunities for those adept at harnessing its potential. Those who grasp its intricacies will undoubtedly save time and reap financial rewards.
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  • Imagine only 1 decade from now... scary!
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    I'm not sure why but I just don't prefer AI to generate content for me.

    I mean yes it can write articles, but then I'll have to go over and edit it...

    However, I just find it easier to just write from scratch so it's my own 'voice' from scratch. Rather than editing something else that's already done.
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    It's really interesting because it will surely turn over the content writing market
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    What's next in 2024?
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    It seems like we're on pace for 1000000 Generative AI tools by 2025.
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    "The purchased theme is not to be used"

    Who can disolve this statement in the Wordpress arena?
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    The Chatgpt is simply amazing and it has come to stay.
    It has helped me in no small way to write articles with very little edits.
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    Interesting. Such a topic has become extremely far by now, that every company and website in the internet has to publish their own AI Bot... Almost scary
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    I wonder if General AI will be able to take theories beyond human short term possibilities, that would be mind-blowing.

    Full effort is full victory

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    Generative AI, the technology that can produce entirely new content, is rapidly transforming our world. From creating realistic images and videos to composing music and writing poetry, its capabilities are pushing the boundaries of what we thought possible.
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    very interesting topic, impressive ecosystem created just in some years.
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    Could you describe the chart you mentioned, maybe by sharing key trends or specific tools that caught your attention?
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    As an online marketeer, I don't fully trust AI yet. Ofcourse it can save a lot of time, but you have tot read everything to confirm it's correct. But imagine a few years from now how usefull it can be, it's almost scary.
    is still using their own words now, but it think that can change pretty soon.
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    What's new about 2024..??
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    Chat GPT impact on different departments of life. The last time I saw a meme, a student with his degree posted, "Thanks for Chat GPT for making our assignment."
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