Levelling up your email marketing design in 4 ways

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Picture this: you're sending out emails left and right, but they're just not hitting the mark like you hoped. Your CTR is lower than what you'd normally expect, and you're starting to wonder if your emails are just disappearing into the void of cyberspace.

Well, fret not! Here are 4 tips to levle up your email marketing design to make them stand out in the crowd.

Eye-catching visuals
Your email pops up in someone's inbox. What's gonna make 'em stop and actually click? Eye-catching visuals, my friend! Spice up those emails with killer graphics, vibrant colors, and snazzy images. Think of it like dressing to impress, but for your emails.

Mobile-friendly and optimised layouts
Let's get real. Most people check their emails on their phones these days. So, if your email design looks wonky on a mobile screen, you're losing out big time! Make sure your layout is sleek and responsive, meaning it adjusts perfectly whether it's opened on a phone, tablet, or computer. Seamless scrolling equals happy subscribers!

Integrate animated images
Yes. GIFs. Integating them into your layout will turn plaid boring emails into captivating emails. However, you have to keep your GIFs simple and clean. This way, they'll draw attention without distracting your audience from the messaging.

Don't overlook balance
When you look at effective email campaigns, you'll notice a clever use of negative space that allows readers to take in pertinent information. You'll also see a good balance between the amount of image and text, and one supports and enhances each other. This makes the email easy to grasp, yet conveys a striking and beautiful image.
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    This is a good one. However, I will also add the following:
    1. Consistent Branding: This implies that your brand's visual identity must be consistent regarding fonts, colors, and overall styles.

    2. Accessibility: All users must be able to access your email designs such as the less privileged or disabled.

    3. Clear CTA (Call-to-Action: Ensure you incorporate a prominent, clear, and outstanding CTA button. Make use of persuasive copy and contrasting colors to encourage clicks.

    For more email marketing tips like this, visit https://urll.be/pmvok8a
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    Subject lines are very important too . Emails with Clear concise subject lines are more likely to be opened up than the usual sales ,coupons and discount promotions people usually get
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