With today’s smartphones, mobile apps are the go to for most marketers, given their percentage growth and increasing earnings, it’s not at all surprising that majority would want to build an app. While there are plenty available for grabs, it’s still a gamble to spend on a software that could create them for you, especially when you’re not sure how it could look, but how about the ones that are free?

Here are ten app builders for you to try your ideas on!

Notably one of the best ones out there, AppyPie not only has a visually stunning website but quite a tasteful name! You can build apps revolving around casinos, recipes, sports, fitness, and many more! Aside from having a free plan, you also have the option to upgrade in case the builder has delivered well. Add-ons include essentials and promotion, and even without any programming knowledge, its drag-and-drop functionality makes it easy to use. It is also highly-interactive and comes with 24/7 support. If by chance you want a paid plan, they also offer a 30-day money back guarantee.

Siberian CMS is only free when you’re creating a single app, but that’s enough to get you to subscribe to the paid versions! Apart from that, you are already given an array of options to choose from despite not being a paid subscriber. It supports both iOS and Android platforms, has ad support via AdMob, push notification available in the free version, and has good e-commerce options. Overall, it’s one of the few app builders you should give a shot when starting out.

While limited in app size and push notifications, Mobincube it comes with a free ad supported version that has unlimited storage. The visual interface makes building apps easier and pleasing to the eyes, and the click-drag-and-drop function also makes it handy to work with. You also have the option to customize your app regardless of the theme you want for it, and it offers a wide range of tools to help you out. Oh and there’s a possibility to make money from the ads!

Apart from having a simple building process, Buildfire also comes with advanced social network integration features. The support team behind this service are also helpful when you need some assistance or clarifications, and the feature-packed service includes bluetooth integration and even native loyalty programs. However, the free version only allows you to build, edit, and preview how your app would look since publishing it would require a paid subscription. Still if it’s just to check how your app would appear, then buildfire worth trying!

Code-free and a part of Infinite Monkeys, AppMakr allows users built native apps that will run on Android, iOS, and Windows devices. It claims to be the biggest DIY app publisher, with various features making it possible to build high-quality and high-tech designs. While it is available for free, the paid plans also come with free trials for thirty days if in case you’d like to subscribe and test them out. The free plan also allows you to create as many apps as you’d like with various customizations to choose from.

The explore function of AppYet is a favorite amongst several users, and having a feature that allows people to add feeds from other sites makes it pretty good. Hosted by GoDaddy, AppYet is considered as one of the safer domains and has garnered positive reviews for its safety. Most of its traffic comes from Social Networks, with majority based on India.

AppInstitute offers a free plan but it will only allow you to build and test your app since publishing it requires a paid plan. Regardless of that little tidbit, if it’s only to test out your application, then the various design templates might convince you to subscribe. Event management is included into the app, with mobile e-commerce plus the ability to add marketing features like push notifs or rewards.

They have a tool called “Ionic View” which allows you to upload your apps to their server and enables anyone who has your App’s ID to view it. This is pretty useful if in case you’d like to get second opinions from friends and strangers before you make the publish. Ionic also helps you out with the use of their other supportive tools, from Ionic Analytics to Ionic Push and even Ionic Deploy. It is, however, limited to only targeting mobile development.

For your target market, they’d be pleased to know that AppsBar does not have any in-app advertising, we all know how annoying that can get. While building, appsbar has a save progress which helps in case you need to stop and do something else. It also comes with a tool to create coupons for your app, with reviews by a team of developers included right before publishing.

With the use of HTML, CSS, and Javascript, Phonegap is a free open-source distribution of Apache Cordova, and used for building mobile apps. The user interface is well-liked by most, with built-in features such as accelerometer for measuring mobile device movement, mapping contacts, taking pictures, notifs, and many more. Plugins for apps are also available for installation.