We're fortunate to be surrounded by technologies that can help us achieve our goals and the dreams that we envision — moreover, it doesn't end with just that.

It's remarkable that this world is grand enough to surround us with skilled and talented people who are adequately generous to share what they know.

I've already shared in my previous article the 10 Best Analytics Tools For Growth Hacking you should consider having. So now, in this latest featured article, I'm presenting you 12 exquisite growth hacking experts that you must follow in 2018.

Happy growth hacking!

Sean Ellis

The CEO and founder of GrowthHackers.com, the leading online community for growth hackers. Sean is the digital entrepreneur who coined "Growth Hacking" and pioneered many of the popular data-driven methodologies in digital marketing.

I'm sure most of you already heard of Dropbox, Eventbrite, LogMeIn, and Lookout. These are now established companies that are worth billions of dollars — through growth hacking, Sean made it possible to elevate the growth of these organizations.

Together with Morgan Brown, Sean Ellis co-authored the book Hacking Growth: How Today's Fastest-Growing Companies Drive Breakout Success, discussing the growth hacking methodology used by famous companies that help them grow from their humble beginnings into the powerhouses they are today. In May this year, we also had the honor of having a Warrior Ask Me Anything (WAMA) session with the Godfather of Growth Hacking.

Noah Kagan

In May 2014, we're honored to have Noah Kagan for our very first Warrior Ask Me Anything (WAMA) live stream event that ran for over 80 minutes. He is the Chief Sumo at Sumo Group, the creator of Sumo.com and AppSumo.com — a team with a vision and goal to help companies grow website traffic. Noah was a soi-disant cubicle monkey at Intel, employee #30 at Facebook and #4 at Mint.

Are you one of the people that got intrigued by what really occurred during Noah's time on Facebook? There are abundant articles on the internet featuring what went wrong, but in May 2017 on his blog, OKdork.com — Noah shared every detail of the events leading to the day he got fired.

You can follow Noah's up to date insights, stories in marketing, and other personal development and productivity advice on OKdork.com.

Andrew Chen

The Head of Rider Growth at Uber, focusing mainly on acquiring more riders. Andrew's been writing about mobile, metrics, and growth this past decade. He is also an investor in tech startups including AngelList, Barkbox, Boba Guys, Dropbox, Front, Tinder, and many other platforms.

Andrew has already written and shared 650+ essays about mobile, growth, and other tech-related topics which have been featured in The New York Times, Fortune, Wired, and WSJ. You can subscribe to http://andrewchen.co/ if you want to receive Andrew's long-form essays on what's going on here in Silicon Valley.

Most people would agree that the birth of Uber is in perfect timing, but we must never forget that there's always a person behind the wheel driving the growth of Uber — its success today is owed to Andrew Chen's brilliant mind.

Brianne Kimmel

The lead growth marketer at Zendesk, one of the top customer service platforms and a cloud-based support ticketing system trusted by more than 200,000 organizations around the globe. Brianne's objective is building the Zendesk for startups program and improving the competitive campaigns.

Brianne is also a Digital Marketing Instructor at General Assembly, focusing on guiding, teaching, and honing startups — most of them are beginners that have no marketing background.

You can never go wrong having Brianne in your team, prior Zendesk, she is the Senior Marketing Manager at Expedia, Inc., one of the world's largest online travel companies that brings you the leading online travel brands, such as Trivago, Hotwire.com, and Hotels.com. Brianne concentrated on Hotwire.com's user acquisition, and in-product social and personalization features — she devised the site's first paid social strategy along with content, growth, retargeting, and partnerships.

Rebecca Rosenfelt

The Product Manager for Service Excellence at Airbnb, a popular online marketplace and hospitality service — providing alternatives to people looking for affordable vacation rentals or short-term lodging. Rebecca was the Product Manager for the Growth Team and has worked on user engagement and international growth, as well as developed product-driven tactics. These paved the way for Airbnb to earn its reputation as a leading global travel marketplace.

Rebecca joined Airbnb after acquiring Inhabit Vacations, a travel startup she founded in 2010 — which also offered a curated marketplace of distinctive vacation rental properties around the world.

All thanks to Rebecca's hard work and bright ideas, Airbnb reached new heights and has become one of the most popular and rapidly growing companies these past few years.

Nir Eyal

A consultant, public speaker, entrepreneur, and an educator. Nir is a Wall Street Journal Bestselling Author of Hooked: How to Build Habit-Forming Products and also named as “The Prophet of Habit-Forming Technology.”, by the M.I.T. Technology Review.

Nir's primary objective is to help companies design engaging products and services — all inquiries on how to make them possible have been discussed in his book, Hooked: How to Build Habit-Forming Products. This book is based on Nir's years of research, consulting, and actual experiences — written for designers, startups, product managers, and anyone who's yearning to determine how people get hooked on certain products.

Do you want to hear his most recent insights? You can check some of his latest input and advice via his blog or book a 15-minute phone call and chat with Nir through his site.

Fareed Mosavat

The Lead on Growth and Product Management at Slack, one of the most popular and successful platforms which provides a highway of smooth communication for organizations — permitting a more efficient collaboration method to help them achieve their goals. Fareed has also worked with some companies that you've probably heard already like Pixar Animation Studios, Conduit Labs, Zynga, Runkeeper, and Instacart.

Fareed has a genuine talent for discerning how to use data and make something meaningful from it, though he also believes that organizations can't achieve success in growth if they rely solely on data. He even mentioned in his Medium publication that he could tell from the first few minutes he spent in Slack's headquarters that they had already built a culture that can help them achieve growth success. Playfulness, empathy, diversity, and craftsmanship — mixed with the organization's endless opportunity for meaningful growth and product work — these are the factors that helped him put Slack on top.

Want to learn more about his approach? Check his podcast where he shares his experiences on growth teams for Slack, Instacart, and RunKeeper: How to Grow a Growth Team

Eric Peters

The Senior Growth Marketing Manager at HubSpot Academy, one of the world's leading platform that offers cloud-based inbound marketing and sales software. Eric's primary goal is to drive acquisition growth for HubSpot Academy free courses.

Eric has a passion for building growth software for technology companies with a distinguished background in technology entrepreneurship, digital marketing, and growth-stage startups.

Aside from building growth software, Eric is also interested in user experience, psychology, conversion rate optimization, and content marketing. The word complacency is not in his vocabulary. His ultimate secret to success is possessing the urge to always learn new things.

Alex Schultz

The VP of Growth at Facebook, the leading social network site with more than 2 billion monthly active users as of September 2017 — Alex leads the team responsible acquisition and user retention. Before joining Facebook, he is a Marketing Manager at eBay, Inc.

Alex firmly believes that growth success requires an efficient system of user retention — if you don't have something to offer to make people stay, you might also have a hard time finding ways to make new people come. It is critical to know what people want, what makes them stay, and what strains them to leave.

Alongside his Facebook gig, Alex also owns and runs http://www.paperairplanes.co.uk/, a site composed of instructional videos showing how to make a paper airplane that flies well. Some might think that the idea is too basic. Well, say hello to its whopping 5,000,000 video views! He also has another site, http://www.cocktailmaking.co.uk/, that went down due to overwhelming site traffic — and he admits it's his proudest moment.

Brian Balfour

The CEO and founder of Reforge, an E-learning platform offering selective growth-focused programs led by Brian Balfour himself and by another renowned growth expert, Andrew Chen, Head of Rider Growth at Uber. Brian previously worked as VP of Growth at HubSpot and currently an investor and growth advisor to multiple startups such as Gametime, Lumoid, HelpScout, Shareaholic, and more.

Brian has written comprehensive essays about user acquisition and growth that have been featured in various publications like Forbes, Hacker Monthly, and OnStartups.

Want to learn more about his programs? Spare few minutes to check his blogs at Coelevate and Reforge. To feed your curiosity, Brian has generously given a thorough insight into his methods on how to build a growth machine, check his podcast here: How to Methodically Build a Growth Machine

Nichole Elizabeth DeMeré

The founder of Authentic Curation, a Moderator at Product Hunt and GrowthHackers.com, and a contributor to the Community Growth at Zest.is. Nichole is also an independent SaaS Consultant and Customer Success Evangelist, specializing in the detection of strengths and weaknesses in SaaS, devising methods of user retention, and brand reinforcement.

In 2018, Nichole will be releasing the Playbook to Grow Your Saas Business With Your Customers — a book written for the people who want to establish a startup — in collaboration with Trevor Hatfield, the founder and CEO of Inturact, a SaaS Marketing agency.

Nichole expressed that you can only achieve success when your customers are satisfied with the outcome they've been getting from using your product — that's where her mission begins — formulating a method to employ to the customer's platform to help get their desired outcome.

Vin Clancy

An entrepreneur, public speaker, and a growth hacker. Vin cofounded Magnific in 2012 with Lewis Flude, a developer, startup founder, UI/UX designer, and a musician. It is a company that helps businesses acquire users, establish brand loyalty, and boosts awareness by providing excellent content and viral marketing services.

Apart from Magnific, Vin also runs http://www.vincentdignan.com/ and http://vinclancy.com/ — both platforms share a wealth of information that can help hack your way to success.

Vin is also the brilliant mind behind the world's fastest-growing growth hacking group on Facebook: Traffic And Copy — where skilled marketers and entrepreneurs share ideas and proven methods with other successful entrepreneurs and business proprietors.

You now have access to both crucial ingredients in hacking your way to success. If you want to fulfill the recipe you need, it's now up to how you measure the proper amount of whichever ingredient you use; the result will depend on how you stir them — on how long you need to wait for it to boil — up to the taste adjustments you're prepared to take.

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