The future of SEO is just right around the corner! We'll always be genuinely indebted to the experts who foresee the advancement of SEO, for continuously beating the odds when the algorithm evolves.

Here are 30 SEO Experts who posses the adroitness to ride with or go against the flow of SEO evolution

P.S. Names not arranged in chronological order... Let's begin!

Bruce Clay

Bruce Clay is the Owner and President of Bruce Clay, Inc., an Internet Marketing & Advertising, specializing in Search Engine Optimization since 1996.

He served as an executive with various businesses and professionals with a distinguished background in leading Silicon Valley firms. Bruce also conducts training for student around the globe related to digital marketing, generously providing ingenious ideas and approaches.

Bill Slawski

Bill Slawski is the President of SEO by the Sea and Director of SEO Research for Go Fish Digital. He has broad experience in developing SEO strategies and tactics to help other site owners achieve their goals for their sites and increase traffic from the targeted audience through keyword search.

He constantly studies and research about search engines and writes them on his blog, including other topics related to digital marketing.

Eric Enge

Eric Enge is the CEO of the award-winning Stone Temple Consulting Agency and one of the lead author of The Art of SEO. He’s also one of the desirable speakers for the leading conferences particularly SMX and Pubcon and has been involved with Fortune 1000 companies to design and present SEO training programs for their executives and managers.

In 2014, he became a contributor for Forbes where he writes about Digital Marketing, Social Media, and SEO.

Lukasz Zelezny

Lukasz Zelezny is an SEO / Social Media Conference Speaker at, and he’s also the Head of Organic Acquisition & an SEO Manager for He’s devoted to helping people increase their sites organic traffic, conversion rate and ROI.

Together with his team, Lukasz is in charge for’s organic visibility, conversion rate, traffic and online engagement.

He is responsible for the success of the organic performance of some of the leading companies in the UK such as Thomson Reuters, The Digital Property Group, HomeAway and Fleetway Travel.

Kevin Cotch

Kevin Cotch is an SEO Manager at TopRank Marketing. He's assigned to focus on the on-page and off-page SEO strategies. His forte is providing the best ROI for his clients and using Technical SEO to his advantage.

Cotch also excel in other branches of digital marketing like PPC, Social Media Marketing, Content Marketing, and Conversion Rate.

Marcus Sheridan

Adding to the numerous citation given by several renowned media outlets, this zealous Keynote Speaker is also selected as 1 of 20 “Speakers You Don’t Want to Miss the Opportunity to See", in 2017 by Forbes.

Marcus is the Founder and President of The Sales Lion, a Marketing Consulting company concentrating on assisting organizations to produce a method of content and marketing whereas impressively improving sales. The Sales Lion offer top-notch training, workshops, keynotes, and consulting for businesses worldwide.

Maria Johnsen

Maria Johnsen is a Multilingual SEO Expert and Environmentalist, she is also the CEO & Founder of Golden Way Media, a Multilingual Digital Marketing Company specializing in SEO, Graphic Design, Software Design, Social Media Marketing and Multilingual Content Writing.

She has been using her skills in content writing and marketing in promoting political movements and campaigns on social media and helping nonprofit organizations with fundraising.

Lyndon Antcliff

A Content Marketing Coach helping digital agencies and internet marketers construct content that entices, convince and influences. Some of his craft has appeared in several established media outlets, The Sunday Times, Time Magazine, Wired, The News Quiz, Simon Mayo Radio Show, Sun Newspaper, and Fox News.

Lyndon Antcliff is the Chief Link Builder at CornwallSEO.

David Mihm

David Mihm is the Founder of Tidings, an application that automatically produces out-and-out email newsletters for small businesses. He’s been involved in Online Marketing and Search Engine Marketing since early 2000.

Currently, he’s concentrating on strategies and techniques to help local businesses grasp customers beyond the search engines. He also runs a weekly newsletter, Minutive.

Dennis Seymour

A SaaS Entrepreneur, Digital Marketing Manager & Founder of LeapFroggr Marketing, specializing in SEO campaigns, digital marketing, local SEO, online reputation management, and everything related to online marketing.

Dennis is also a Co-Founder of SeriousMD, a Practice Management App providing doctors with indispensable instruments to make their practice impeccable.

Susan Dolan

Trusted by her clients around the globe, Susan has the perfect formula to secure permanent Page 1 SERPs for her clients, on Google and Bing.

Susan Dolan is a Google maven at SEO Web Marketing and a mentor at Cambridge University for the Queen's Young Leaders Commonwealth Programme. Her goal for the latter is to discover remarkable young people from across the Commonwealth to become Queen's Young Leaders.

Marie Haynes

She is the Owner of Marie Haynes Consulting Inc, a regular speaker on Google Algorithm change issues at Pubcon, SMX and other conferences, and the author of "Unnatural Links - The Complete Guide to Recovery".

Maries Haynes’ proud that she’s Intensely captivated with Google’s algorithm changes such as the Penguin algorithm and the Panda algorithm as well as Google Penalties.

Greg Shuey

Greg Shuey is the Owner of Encore Solutions Inc., providing digital marketing services like Web Design, Web Analytics, and Web Hosting Services. He is also a Co-Founder & Managing Partner at Stryde.

Stryde assists E-commerce Businesses to advance their growth and broaden product distribution through SEO, Content Marketing, Social Media, Influencer Marketing, Online PR, PPC, and Email Marketing.

Simon Dance

Simon Dance is the Head of SEO, Europe at Amazon. He is an expert in high growth and technical SEO. With his broad knowledge and experience in highly technical SEO, at his age, he’s already able to work with several well-known companies such as Amazon, Lyst, and

Nathan Gotch

Nathan is the Founder of Gotch SEO, an SEO blog providing doable pointers to acquire more traffic and clients from organic search. Gotch SEO has been featured on several distinguished publications particularly Huffington Post, Forbes, Entrepreneur and more.

His personal blog attracts boundless digital marketers and entrepreneurs every day to improve at SEO.

Ryan Stewart

During his early career, Ryan has been a Digital Marketing Consultant for known companies such as Accenture and Acuity. And also experience being a Contractor for Performance Marketing & Analytics at SapientNitro.

In 2015, Ryan founded WEBRIS, with a mission to help build brands through organic traffic. His team specializes in content creation. They promote and outreach to the brand right into the target market when they’re searching the services.

Jason Parks

Some people say they won’t advertise the product if they don’t actually use it or believe it. Well, Jason Parks uphold that you need to practice what you preach. This is why you’ll find his site, The Media Captain, to the top when you search for "Columbus SEO Company".

Jason Parks is the Owner of The Media Captain, centralizing in helping businesses increase their revenue by enduing them in the proper digital channels. He is also a VIP Contributor for

Tor Refsland

Tor Refsland is a multi-award-winning blogger, SEO strategist & business coach. He has an excellent background in Journalism, Retail, Sales, Consulting, Marketing, Project Management, IT, Start-Ups, Mentoring, and Coaching.

Tor’s objective is to aid business to acquire tons of customers with Google traffic.

Julie Joyce

Julie Joyce is the Owner of Str0ud LLC and Link Fish Media, an SEO Link Building Company focusing their expertise and knowledge to securing safe best links. She has more than a decade of experience in IT such as programming, web testing, link building, search engine marketing and optimization, pay per click management, and SEO.

Mandy McEwen

In 2011, Mandy McEwen founded Mod Girl Marketing LLC, after seeing a great demand for quality online marketing services from a credible service provider that businesses count on.

Mandy McEwen is a B2B lead generation specialist, partnered with progressive companies to intensify revenues and modernize their brands online. As an SEO specialist, she’s guaranteed countless page 1 Google rankings for an uprising technology company within 6 months through blogs and social media.

A.J. Ghergich

A.J. Ghergich is the Founder of Ghergich & Co., and have been in the SEO industry since 2004. His clever idea to harmonize SEO, Social Media & Content Marketing, was his inspiration in founding Ghergich & Co.

His main goal is to help people and businesses generate robust, impressive content that acquires your client’s attention and earns eminent rankings.

Andrew Shotland

Image source: Avalaunch Media

Andrew Shotland is the Founder and CEO of, an SEO consulting company, furnishing SEO audits and consulting to companies with a website. He’s already worked on some of the biggest and smallest brands like Showtime Networks,, InsiderPages, and more.

His specialties are Local Search, Local SEO, SEO, Link Building, Product Management, Business Development, Strategic Consulting, M&A Consulting.

Kevin Indig

In 2016, Kevin Indig left a remarkable feat during as a Technical SEO Consultant Contractor at Atlassian. He’s now an SEO Ninja at Atlassian, responsible for planning, managing and driving technical SEO for Atlassian Products such as Jira, Confluence, Atlassian Developer, Atlassian Marketplace, Sourcetree, and more.

He was also the Director of SEO at Dailymotion. Kevin’s in-charge of worldwide SEO initiatives, SEO monitoring, and reporting, Defining SEO roadmap and making sure it’s SEO waterproof.

During the 2nd quarter of 2017, he started mentoring for Growth Marketing at German Accelerator Tech in Silicon Valley, mainly for startups specializing in growth marketing and SEO.

Laura Pence Atencio

Laura Pence Atencio is the Founder and CEO of the online marketing agency Social Savvy Geek, LLC. She’s also an Author, Social Media Consultant, Keynote Speaker, Online Marketing Strategist the principal content creator at Social Savvy Geek

She focuses on helping other Authors, Speakers, and Coaches with marketing so that they can focus on the more critical part of their business.

Steve Wiideman

Steve Wiideman is the Founder & President of Wiideman Consulting Group, a company providing groundbreaking and strategic marketing solutions to both enterprise and SMB brands.

He is also an SEO Expert, Search Engine Marketing Consultant, Speaker, Author, Trainer, Coach, and Strategist, providing help for several agencies and small & medium businesses.

Nate Shivar

Nate Shivar was a panelist on the Future of SEO at SuperNovaSouth, in 2015. He’s also certified in Google Analytics and AdWords; certified by Distilled in SEO.

He is the primary author and sole editor and publisher for ShivarWeb. Nate is set to concentrate as a digital marketing consultant and absolutely like helping people running their own websites, and coach them how it can be better.

Tom Pick

Tom Pick is a B2B digital marketing consultant for SEO, Social, Content, and MarTech. He also writes a blog about B2B Marketing, to help B2B companies refine their business online ranking and visibility.

The B2B Marketing Blog focuses on web presence optimization, to magnify a company’s visibility and fruition.

Chris Dreyer

Chris Dreyer is the CEO of, an SEO firm that provides superior SEO services and notably more effective with law firms; though they also cater SEO for medical practices and other small businesses.

He believes that having the right system and the appropriate team to implement SEO is essential and would make a very positive output on your SEO strategy.

Kevin Gibbons

Kevin Gibbons is a Co-Founder and the CEO of BlueGlass, an award-winning content marketing and SEO agency with offices in London, Zurich, and Tallinn. Recently, BlueGlass won best search campaign for their work with Expedia at the UK Agency Awards 2017.

He has spoken at tons of industry events such as Search Marketing Expo (SMX), ClickZ / SES, BrightonSEO, SAScon, Conversion Conference, SEMCamp, LocalSocialSummit, and more...

David Sayce

David Sayce is a passionate Digital Marketing Consultant specializing in search engine optimisation through organic search. He’s also genuinely ecstatic about helping businesses and professionals to improve their presence and confidence online.

He provides Strategic Consulting of website development, content and international SEO. He also conducts SEO Training so that people would understand how their website is viewed across Google and how to convert to sales.