SEO Turbulence Image

SEO is so turbulent, with tons of algorithm updates, and pretty much lots of uncertainty and anxiety about the path moving forward.

And now's the time to put these seldom-used SEO research approaches.

Competitor content gap analysis

While many businesses analyze competitor keywords, fewer delve into identifying content gaps. By comparing your content to competitors' and identifying topics they cover but you don't, you can uncover valuable opportunities to create new content that fills those gaps and attracts relevant traffic.

Semantic keyword research

Rather than solely focusing on exact match keywords, delve into semantic keyword research. This involves identifying related concepts, synonyms, and variations of your target keywords.

FAQ and Q&A platforms exploration

Look beyond traditional keyword research tools and explore FAQ and Q&A platforms like Quora, Reddit, or niche-specific forums.

User-generated content analysis

User-generated content, such as comments on blog posts, product reviews, or social media discussions, can provide valuable insights into the language and topics your audience is interested in.