Not all who innovate also disrupt. Disruptors are change-makers and builders. They innovate in a way that stands out from the rest of their industry offering immense value to their audience. Below, we’ll analyze how 60 key disruptors are shaking things up.

Dubbed as the creators of the “greatest viral ad in internet history,” the Harmon Brothers are the brains behind the video content for Squatty Potty, Purple Mattress, and ChatBooks. Their pioneering methods marry two disparate marketing approaches, brand advertising, and infomercials, to provide viewers with a unique, engaging video experience.

Brainchild of Buzzfeed, Buzzfeed Tasty revolutionized the ways audiences consume and share video content. Filming their videos from the perspective of the audience, they introduced the world to a new type of video production for social media.

A global event marketing, marketing strategy, and digital collateral agency, Freeman is breaking barriers in the industry through digital signage, AI, and machine-learning integration for a more dynamic event experience.

The creator of the “Dollar a Day” Facebook advertising method, the BlitzMetrics team, led by Dennis Yu, is a top-tier Facebook affiliate advertiser who has created massively successful Facebook ad campaigns for organizations as large as the Golden State Warriors.

Taking the stock image industry head-on by addressing the pervasive issue of diversity in images, CreateHerStock features high-quality, professional stock photography for women of color.

Challenging the “drink fewer lattes” mentality of other popular personal finance gurus, author, and creator of l Will Teach You to Be Rich, Ramit Sethi uses an impressive bank of free personal finance materials and paid online premium memberships to guide users towards becoming debt free and discover their earning potential.

Dubbed one of the top 10 marketers by Forbes, Neil Patel is considered one of the most influential people in online marketing. His blog, in which he offers business owners invaluable resources to increase site traffic and other digital marketing tips, receives more than 1.1 million monthly views.

Getting his start on YouTube before it was the thing to do, founder Gary Vaynerchuk grew his YouTube presence into one of the most popular digital and social media marketing agencies, VaynerMedia. Reaching millions through his videos, podcast, and bestselling books, Vaynerchuk offers gritty, no-nonsense advice to budding business owners.

Castlelight Health is breaking down health care silos, one app download at a time. Simplifying three disparate areas of health care navigation (wellbeing, engagement, and care guidance) via one integrated app, Castlelight offers flexible, mobile solutions for employers and employees to guarantee better benefit usage and help employees meet health care goals.

Through simple platform integration and based on social activities, personalized challenges, and interactive learning, Limeade empowers HR departments to install analytics-heavy employee engagement tools and services to promote engagement and satisfaction.

A kanban-style project management tool, Trello is loved by businesses big and small to organize projects and streamline workflows. Integration with popular tools such as Slack, Trello makes work easy.

Through simple platform integration and based on social activities, personalized challenges, and interactive learning, Limeade empowers HR departments to install analytics-heavy employee engagement tools and services to promote engagement and satisfaction.

The 4th largest oil and fast company in the world, Total SA is leading the charge in transitioning into renewable energy and electric power.

Focusing on nanotechnology, heat transfer, and other key tech advances, Hon Hai is committed to integrating mechanical and electrical innovation and applying it to uncommon areas of tech advancement.

For affordable prices, Udacity students can learn all types of skills needed for today's workforce.

Through WiFi capability, Ring allows people to answer to people ringing their doorbell or standing on their porch from wherever they are, using their smartphone. This prevents crime and break-ins from the assumption that there is someone home.

Stripe, the instant set-up, easy-to-use, online payment platform has helped companies get rid of complexities in online payment set up due to coding and design issues.

Lanzatech makes fuels and chemicals from waste industry gases which does two things: helps companies drive revenue from pollutants and helps save the environment.

Premier project management. With its drag-and-drop simplicity, built-in templates, and robust analytics, Asana simplifies and streamlines project management for small businesses to enterprise-level clients.

Through individualized wellness plans to best meet the needs of any size organization, AlyfeWellbeing offers health coaching, nutrition, and fitness programs. With the goal of being transformative, Alyfe focuses on nutrition as the root of good health and promotes sustainable behavior changes at the individual level to promote health success.

Optoro, who helps retailers manage and process their returned inventory for the best price.

With their augmented reality app, shoppers can preview what their furniture will look like before they buy it. The app sets Ikea apart as it helps drive more sales than competitors without the feature.

As of today, Kickstarter has helped fund over 3.6 billion in various types of creative and independent projects.

Phononic’s advanced thermoelectric semiconductor technology replaced mechanical compressors and heat-exchange systems to provide disruptive products that are nearly silent and use about 25 percent less energy.

Through simple platform integration and based on social activities, personalized challenges, and interactive learning, Limeade empowers HR departments to install analytics-heavy employee engagement tools and services to promote engagement and satisfaction.

Kissmetrics has surpassed generic, canned, blanket solutions when it comes to marketing. Their marketing campaign and analyzing software provide answers to every marketer’s question- “How effective are my marketing campaigns?”

Aweber’s personalized email marketing software, educational tools, and resources make it possible for new, and seasoned email marketers to be successful.

Mix Max delivers powerful insights for emailing marketing campaigns via analytics that measure metrics such as email open rates, click rates, and reveals who opened your email and when. Features such as the “write now, send later” or their one-click templates boost productivity and give marketing professionals a smooth advantage.

Clique Studios’ Jake Knapp came up with a design strategy that is highly engaging, interactive, and designed to impact the user experience and compel them to act.

John Gile, HappyMeter’s CEO created a “frictionless way” to monitor employee satisfaction using simple cutting-edge technology.

As a health coach, Jenny’s personal and enthusiastic approach helps clients “upgrade” their lives by transitioning to a plant-based diet. She educates, assists with meal planning and works with each client to make the transition stress-free. Her approach is tailored to ensure each client can sustain their new eating habits for long-term health and longevity.

Working with the largest and most respected companies in the nation, this sought-after TCPA class action defense team led by Martin Jaszczuk brings a fresh approach not generally workable at large firms.

Sprout Social has become the brand marketers´look up to for direction for social media best practices as well as data analytics tools to measure marketing efforts and proving ROI.

Eric Lefhofsky and his team have built Tempus, the world’s largest library of molecular and clinic data while working quietly to build a cure for cancer.

CEO Matthew Cook and his team at LBP Manufacturing work to evolve new ideas in as leaders by being passionate about developing innovative designs.

Brand identity and storytelling are more and more relevant in the marketplace today. That is why Chief Strategist, Bruce Weindruch, and the creative team over at The History Factory help businesses discover and become more deeply rooted in their histories.

Led by President and CEO Bill Goldberg, Interactive Health, Inc. is changing the culture of workplace wellness by working with employers to build solutions tailored to their company’s and employee’s needs.

Lyra Health’s proactive methods are transforming behavioral health care by being proactive with a charge led by former Facebook CFO, David Ebersman.

Progyny is working to become the industry leader in fertility benefits by connecting users with the services, science, and technology to increase fertility treatment success.

500 million people use Dropbox’s simple but powerful cloud-based file sharing service.

CrowdStrike protects leading businesses from security breaches and cyber attacks. What makes them a disruptor? They are the first and only ones to bring together all security needs with one lightweight agent, The CrowdStrike Falcon™ platform.

With millions of tracks available, an easy to navigate platform, and music for every occasion, Spotify remain a leader in the digital music industry.

Trulioo helps businesses verify people's real identities as identity verification is now a vital component of the transaction ecosystems of eCommerce companies, financial institutions, online gaming, and even social media.

Github serves as a hub where programmers can collaborate and interact with each other with regards to coding. This cloud service is used by developers to build projects and share them. It's a great place to manage software related projects.

The technology-based insurance company is committed to making health insurance easy. Its sign up process allows people to get a quote in seconds and allows members to see an estimate of how much a doctor will cost before the visit.

Spott is disrupting the way advertisers get in front of customers by enabling people. During a show or a movie, people can “tap” products, learn about products or services, and make a purchase there and then.

Uber continues to be an innovator in the transportation and technology industries, all while still keeping things simple.

More than just a vacation rental service, Airbnb has completely changed the hospitality industry by offering experiences and allowing people to have more control over their travel options.

The number one eSignature platform, DocuSign simplifies workflow for online businesses by providing an easy and convenient online platform for digitally signing all sorts of documents.

Starry is a home WiFi Hub and it allows customers to control the internet via touchscreen. Starry eliminates the need for cable providers to supply internet usage.

The genetic testing service can detect genetic risk and ancestry.

Bright Health believes in the importance of a personal relationship with your doctor and about making “health care right” by offering affordable health care and providing exceptional customer service.

With StreamSpace filmmakers can deliver films directly to customers. No need for a middleman.

Vero, a new social media platform ditches the ads and algorithms and promises organic functions for its users.

An app created for employees, Hotseat encourages health with games and activities that guide them to better health.

Zappier integrates your workflow apps to help users stay focused.

Kiip is changing the world of mobile ad marketing with its “moments marketing” approach that rewards rather than annoy users with relevant content and coupons.

The UK - based cybersecurity company helps companies and government analyze suspicious and complex data.

Warby Parker is a designer of eyeglasses that eliminates retailers by delivering straight to the customer. They also let customers try eyeglasses before purchasing them.

Zola is a wedding registry app that is in tune with the needs of the married couple by allowing them when to receive gifts and make exchanges within the app.