As annoying as it might be, some people really do get paid to wear great clothes, drive fast cars, and go on vacation. Now is the age of the professional influencer, and Instagram is making some of them a packet. A new study by HopperHQ sheds light on just how much brands are willing to pay top influencers for Instagram posts.


But they don’t really get a million dollars a post, right?


Some of the most well-known, filthy rich celebrities do. That million bucks can be easy to earn too – as simple in many cases as a photo session holding a product and looking cute.

Are Huge Influencer Pay Rates Justifiable?

Brands do their research. In order to get the big bucks, celebrities have to carry enough clout to make the deal worth it. As crazy as it might seem, some influencers have the ability to yield massive ROI. Hopper based their findings on the account engagement of influencers in a range of categories and information gained from the individuals themselves.


Micro-influencers – with smaller followings, and therefore presenting lower costs – have become popular recently. However, the wide appeal of some of the mega-celebrities allows brands to connect with audiences on a larger scale, and they’ll always enjoy high rates of pay for that reason.