Let’s face it, time management isn’t something everybody is good at. If you happen to have better handling skills of your schedule, there’s bound to be a storm that could rain on your parade and pretty much ruin your carefully planned day!

Can’t really toot your own horn now, eh? But the show must go on!

When it comes to doing business in the world of Social Media, missing a couple of days or even hours could cost you potential followers; luckily, a Management Platform called Buffer has graced our generation to help us out in sharing content even as we sleep.

How is content shared via Buffer done, you ask? Well--

  • Choose between List or Calendar View before making a post

  • Click on the blank space for the desired date and time for your post to go live
  • Hashtags are your friends but be sure to choose wisely

  • Click the “Schedule Post” and voila!

The best part is while it’s still in queue, you have a chance to edit any typos you may have had, add hashtags you suddenly remembered to put or remove a couple you ended up including, and be able to move it around by clicking the post, holding it, then dragging it to the new timeslot you want.

In addition, “Re-buffer” is also a feature wherein past posts with good tractions (marked with stars) can be reposted and this saves you the trouble of having to type everything again.

Of course, it’d be better if you make a few tweaks and add a couple of new keywords into the mix to have a chance in gaining more traffic.

So how does Re-buffer work anyway?

  • Mouse-over a past post and click Re-buffer

  • Choose the Social Media Platform you want to repost it to (multiple is allowed)

*As seen above, the grayed out icon is the unselected social media platform

  • Change a few things or wordings if you must, add a couple of tags, etc
  • Share Next, Share Now, or Schedule a Post

*Share Next: Update will be added at the top of the queue
*Share Now: Instantly goes live at present time and date
*Schedule a Post: Pick a time and date and click Schedule

While you do get to be active with your posts and pages, that’s not all there is to it because you’ll be needing---- *Drum Rolls*---

Somehow, hashbrowns always come to mind but I digress.

The problem would be picking the right keyword to drive traffic towards your page, so out of the thousands of words we can use, what would be the best to follow after that pound sign? While researching and invading competitors’ feeds are some of the suggested solutions, having a nifty tool would be pretty handy!

Let me tell you about Hashtagify! It’s a tool that is easy to use and also able to provide a great insight for your tags.

Simply list down words you intend to use for the majority of your post just to keep yourself on track, then type them on the search box to see a network diagram. This can also be switched to “Table Mode” wherein a list of tags will be provided. You can sort this by popularity, correlation, what’s trending for the week or month, and so on.

Sounds lit, don’t you think? Are you shook yet?

Here’s the down low, fam:

  • Type your hashtag on the search bar
    *Avoid using symbols, punctuation marks, special characters, etc
  • Scroll down a bit to check the results under “Related Hashtags,” you can change how it looks based on the three options on the upper right part of the results
  • Scrolling down further would be the “Popularity Trend”  where a chart can be viewed

That’s pretty much how things go for the most part; results will have charts and ratings to reveal which are popular, just recently going trending or you could opt for weekly, monthly, or full analysis of what’s up.

There are more things you can do as you continue to use Hashtagify, but the basics needed are mentioned above.

Now that you’ve got your Social Media Management Platform and your Hashtag Tool ready, time to consider what would be the content of your page, right?

In Twitter, what could be considered a good tweet? Is it ones that have multiple retweets or likes? What about clicks?

Before you give up and decide that you’re done with this for real, get woke!

Figure out what could grab the attention of your target audience; are they into humor? Memes? Would they prefer serious business down to the nitty gritty or are they more inclined to go for the tweet when they see a picture of a cat?

Without fully going for a clickbait, insert relevant tags that would not just nab the attention of the crowd you’re aiming for, but also those who could get roped-in with just a tagged word they ended up searching. Money for instance, or if your niche happens to involve catering, then add food to the tag! Everybody loves staring at a picture of cheese pizza or sizzling bacon!


Be direct as well; make a tweet informative up to a certain degree in order to leave room for engagement. Keep it simple yet interesting in order for your customers to DM, IM or PM you once they want to know more about what you have to offer.

Organize your hashtags, pin important news, cite sources if you have them, credit people involved, and most importantly, know the perfect time for your target market! If it’s the world, then identify from which country do majority come from. Make sure you know the time difference between yourself and your possible clients, but don’t forget those who end up missing most of your new posts due to the time zone.

Above all, your content should also be related to your page since people followed you for that reason. If they end up seeing non-related trash, you could lose your followers and eventually, the visits will lessen.

Wouldn’t that be horrifying?

What about length? This will no longer be an issue since Twitter now has a character limit of 280, but it’s best to keep the message concise and with up to 50 words to not bore your followers too much. It’s a tweet after all, it wasn’t meant to be a blog.

This will then give more room for extra tags you could add which would garner views, visits, likes, and of course, retweets.

Don’t make your tweet sound robotic or inhuman. An emphatic voice could go a long way for your customers; post things that make you human, that makes you look like you are there to listen in case they have complaints. Bond with your target market through the product you are promoting or making a living out of.

And that’s about it! Some things you eventually learn and pick up along the way, but the road’s never easy so do not hesitate to seek assistance!