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  • How to Add Subtitles to An-Instagram Video

    Featured image for How to Add Subtitles to An-Instagram Video Kapwing | 8 weeks ago

    In a world where most people watch social media with the sound off, captions are essential for reaching an audience. To capture people’s attention, you need text to quickly convey your message instead of relying on audio. Even if your video has no dialogue, adding subtitles makes your ad or feed video more compelling and noticeable. Subtitles also make your video more accessible to people with hearing impediments and more clear to people with different languages/accents. It’s also perfect for subtitle memes, lyric videos, and translations. In this tutorial, I’ll describe you how to add subtitles to a video ...

  • How To Create Content That Keeps Earning Links

    Featured image for How To Create Content That Keeps Earning Links Vincent DEletto | 2 years ago

    Link acquisition is one of the most difficult aspects of search engine optimization. Unfortunately, obtaining backlinks is also one of the most important and effective tactics that can be used to gain more targeted traffic. Let’s take a look at how most white-hat digital marketers obtain links: Find a target keyword with low competition Create content around the target keyword Earn links to the new piece of content via outreach and networking Rinse & Repeat Sound familiar? This process works well, but there is an obvious problem here. The backlinks stop coming in when you stop actively promoting the content. ...