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  • BERT is here: Google’s latest search algorithm can better understand natural language

    Featured image for BERT is here: Google’s latest search algorithm can better understand natural language WarriorForum.com | 1 year ago

    A new article on Marketing Land reports on the arrival of BERT, which is Google’s neural network-based technique for natural language processing (NLP) pre-training. BERT stands for Bidirectional Encoder Representations from Transformers. BERT is kind of a big deal. This is the biggest change to Google’s search engine system since RankBrain, which happened nearly five years ago. The company says BERT will impact about one in every ten queries and influence how results rank. BERT is already here, working quietly in the background. It started rolling out this week and will be going fully live soon. So far, the rollout ...

  • Stop Doing Stupid Niche Research

    Featured image for Stop Doing Stupid Niche Research sparrow | 3 years ago

    Its 2018 and your still clinging onto Niche research methods that are pre 2007 methods. It's going onto over 10 years now since Google placed BRANDS by default on page one of their search engine. In case you haven't heard about this, Google made a major change to their algorithm called Vincent's Change. The only major update that was not called an update. Ask anyone about any of the Google updates and they can just about name every Google Animal update that has been released in the past 10 years. But ask about Vincent's Change and it gets so silent ...

  • Warrior Podcast: Tim Soulo From AHrefs.com on Keyword Research

    Featured image for Warrior Podcast: Tim Soulo From AHrefs.com on Keyword Research Marcus W K Wong | 4 years ago

    View the full Ahrefs "How To Do Keyword Research 2017" by Tim Soulo Here Transcribed from the interview: Marcus: Hey Warriors and welcome to another exciting episode of Warrior Podcast. I’m your host Marcus and the topic of the day is an area of SEO that most of us have familiar with but only some most of us have actually truly mastered, that is keyword research. Now, alongside me today, I'm very happy to announce a special guest all the way in Singapore at the moment podcast with the Tim Soulo from AHrefs. So welcome Tim, how are you? ...

  • How To Do Keyword Research in 2017

    Featured image for How To Do Keyword Research in 2017 timsoulo | 4 years ago

    Tim Soulo Tim is the guy responsible for marketing and product development at Ahrefs. But most importantly he's the chief evangelist of the company. I'm sure there's no need to waste time persuading you that keyword research is one of the highest return SEO activities that is essential for your marketing success. There's also no shortage of great articles that give you very detailed instructions on how to execute professional keyword research, rank highly for thousands of targeted search terms and vastly improve your traffic from Google. But here's an interesting observation: each of these guides will give you ...