Imagine dominoes.

1 drops.

The rest follow suit.

To me, successful blogging means:

  • Enjoying the ride
  • Having fun helping people
  • Becoming a full time blogger

If you want to become a successful blogger follow these 6 P’s.

1: Passion

Although you can skip this step you won’t enjoy the ride too much and you certainly won’t have fun helping folks.

Blog your passion. Pick a niche that feels fun to blog about.

This makes your blogging work feel like play. If the work feels like play, the work is the reward. Profits and traffic feel like extra’s or bonuses.

If you genuinely pick a niche you feel incredibly passionate about all the other P’s fall like dominoes because you’ll be blogging with an overpowering intent that flows from within.

2: Problem

Tie your passion into solving some problem.

I enjoy blogging and traveling. After meeting a travel blogger at the Indian Embassy in Kathmandu, Nepal - how most stories start, I know - said blogger had been struggling to make money. I noted many travel bloggers disgusted with cutting their travels short to boost savings for their next trip, often working jobs they didn’t enjoy working.

I spotted a problem: travel bloggers struggling to monetize their blogs effectively.

Blogging From Paradise was born.

I built a blog and brand on helping folks retire to a life of island hopping through smart blogging.

The 2nd “P” domino falls.

3: Practice

Practice writing.

Practice creating helpful content.

Practice building friendships with top bloggers.

Blogging is a skill. Like any skill, practicing certain disciplines helps you become adept in that area.

Spend years practicing by:

  • Writing 500-1000 words daily in a Word document to gain confidence and clarity in your writing voice
  • Writing and publishing helpful posts and guest posts aligned with your niche, solving the pressing problem you chose for step 2
  • Creating videos and podcasts to aid your readers
  • Building strong, genuine bonds with top bloggers in your niche by promoting them, by commenting authentically on their blogs and by asking how you can help them through email and social media
  • Opening an income stream every 3-6 months, learning the in’s and out’s of the stream

This is the “nuts and bolts” P. If you follow your passion you will never run out of energy, your passion fueling your practice.

4: Patience

Successful bloggers exhibit patience.

Being passionate makes you largely detached from outcomes. Bloggers only become impatient because they feel some outcome has not manifested in certain time frames, bemoaning their lack of results.

If you enjoy solving a specific problem and practice diligently you naturally become patient.

But being patient for a day, week or month ain’t gonna cut it.

Which takes us to…..

5: Persistence

Being persistent is more of a year to year deal versus the short term patience successful bloggers display over their careers.

Again; if you follow each step genuinely, your authentic passion fuels your blogging journey, energizing your practice sessions and supplying you with endless patience and persistence.

Good things take time.

Happy bloggers who experience worldly success know this.

6: Profits

The last domino to fall; profits.

Unfortunately, most bloggers and internet marketers try to skip to this step.

If you skip steps 1-5, this step will become incredibly hard, and nearly impossible.

Give 99% of your attention and energy to the first 5 P’s and this step becomes easier and easier.

The profits reside in the passionate, patient, persistent practice in creating helpful content and in generously befriending top bloggers in your niche by helping them out.


You can skip the passion step but unless you are:

  • A cyborg
  • Incredibly passionate about research, statistics and testing will struggle terribly to become a successful blogger.

I don’t have to tell most Warriors; the majority of bloggers struggle horribly by skipping their passion - no fuel for their journey - and most bloggers who skip to step 2 and make some sweet coin feel empty or depressed about going through the robotic, mechanical process of acquiring money with no genuine passion or fun in the process.

Life’s a blur.

I prefer to start with picking a niche I love so I enjoy the ride.

Unless you have a very bizarre taste, I can assure you that out of 7 billion human beings on planet earth a fair portion share your interest and are begging for a passionate leader to emerge in that blogging niche.

That blogger is you.