Online Mastermind Group Affiliate Marketing and CPV/PPV

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Hello fellow Warriors,

I'd like to create a small online mastermind group, especially for affiliate marketing with CPV/PPV as traffic sources.

My idea is to share knowledge and experience, to share everybody's strengths to help each other, and so on. As an example my strengths are on the technical side, setting up and administer webservers, installing and uploading scripts, etc. I'm also a member of some great knowledge sources. Everybody has some strengths and we could help each other by complementing each other's strengths and support each other.

What is a Mastermind Group? Read here: How Does a Mastermind Group Help Your Business Succeed?

A mastermind group is mandatory to achieve online success. If you're interested please contact me via PM or email (see my profile –> Contact Info –> Send a message via email to Mountainbird).

English and also German speaking people are very welcome.

Deutschsprechene Leute sind ebenfalls sehr willkommen.

Thanks and all the best.
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