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CUT TO THE CHASE.. I am looking for 4 to 7 individuals to undergo marketing training under me, about "how to get leads and reach your target audience" for at least one session. This training is very similar to what is being offered as of now by known universities (I came from one of them), but at a drastically lower price. I am sorry, there will be so much value into this kind of mastermind group that I have to charge something to as much as possible attract only action-takers.

I am a partner-reseller of the largest online repository of leads of the Philippines today; I am referring to a company that has been working with brands like Jollibee, Teleperformance, LBC, and others, for their digital and technical needs.

To know more about me, just go to

We are reaching out to business decision-makers, specifically:
1. owners of businesses operating locally
2. freelance sellers / agents / distributors of products and services
3. self-employed professionals or consultants

What I can bring to the table: I can provide the best rates when it comes to email marketing. I can build a website that is marketing-inclined and SEO-friendly. As I have built my reputation as SEO Specialist, I can also provide SEO training as well as SEO services at the best rates. I can also provide other training materials regarding different aspects / approaches in Internet Marketing, especially those easily applicable to the Philippine Market.


These are sample groups I can send messages to:
* 80,000+ Condo and Real Estate Investors NCR-Based
* 60,000+ Vehicle Owners, High-End Makes and Models
* 140,000+ VIP Airline 1st Class Member Travelers
* 200,000+ Hotel Membership Contacts (4 & 5 Star Hotels Manila, Cebu, Davao)
* 256,000+ High Level Political Supporters, NCR-Based
* 200,000+ Attendees of Business Conferences and Seminars
* 50,000+ University Alumni Top 7 Schools in Manila / Cebu
* 2,600,000+ Card Holders of Various Philippine Banks
* 5,400,000+ Post Paid Subscribers, Mobile Companies
* 40,000+ Golf Club Members, Polo Club Members
* 153,000 Fitness VIP Members
* 75,000+ OFW Lists (USA, Singapore, Japan, Europe, Canada)
* 350,000+ Online Shoppers / Retail Buyers
* 100,000 Corporate Emails Philippines Based

Email marketing has been the most effective form of mass marketing in the world. We use our own database of contacts to send a blast of your message. Further, we set this up in a way that recipients see the email address of YOUR COMPANY OR BRAND as the sender, and replies also go straight to your email inbox, not ours.

If you just want a database of leads, this is also available in packages.. however, you will only get the best rates if you joined this mastermind group.


Money Making Website Free | SEO Expert, IM Consultant Philippines | | Solar Panels Philippines Supplier
Best Internet Marketing Consultant Advice for Philippine Businesses | by Jayson Guevarra, a Christian Filipino


Topic: How to Get Leads and Reach the Target Audience for a Business

Language: Ako po ay Filipino at para ito sa Filipino audience, kaya 'conversational Filipino' ang gagamitin natin.

Venue: Our home in Caloocan, Metro Manila

Date and Time: Saturday, March 28, 2015, 1:30 PM

Materials to Bring: pen and paper, USB flash drive or memory card (for files to be saved)

Miscellaneous: Snacks to be provided


I prefer that you call me via our landline, see all my contact numbers below. Of course you should be willing to go to our place at the designated date and time.


Jayson Guevarra
(02)3502058 | 09266371908 | 09335625708

Whatever you do, I PRAY you FIND that which you SEEK!
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