Anyone in Tucson AZ? Let's start a Money making group

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It's just me and my computer and my ideas.....
It's a pretty lonely path to making money I've been thinking that success would come faster by creating a mastermind group - a group of motivated people.

I'm a web designer and I create membership sites. I think if I find someone with similar goals then we can combine our efforts.

For example I created which is only for seo providers to promote their services so if I maybe bring someone who knows about building a mailing list and writing newsletters then I can make them an admin, give thm access to the newsletter section, place them in charge of that and they can promote their products along with our clickbank affiliate products. Just some thoughts....

I've created web directories, sites similar to netflix, radio streaming sites, dating sites. It's fun and makes money but would be funner and bring even more profits with a mastermind.

If there's no one in Tucson AZ then maybe skype would be good.

My Google+:
Skype: StarterIM
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