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Every June since 2007, I've hosted or co-hosted
an informal get together at The Crab Trap on
Okaloosa Island, Florida.

I plan on doing that again this year, on June 6th,
2015, and am getting the word out early for a
number of reasons which I'll explain later. Basically,
I want to announce things earlier so that those attending
can make plans earlier, and I also want to tie in a
deep sea fishing trip on that Sunday, June 7th, 2015.

This year, I also wanted to give our little group a name,
I wanted to call us "The Okaloosa Island Mastermind :-)
This is all a part of my dream to get group members
to actually work together a little more long-term,
where appropriate, and to perhaps get more people to
join us for a day of fun in the sun :-)

Okaloosa Island is in the panhandle, between Destin,
FL and Ft. Walton Beach, FL. The address of the
beach-side restaurant where we usually meet is:
The Crab Trap,
1450 Miracle Strip Pkwy, Fort Walton Beach, Florida

It's physically located "On The Boardwalk" on
Okaloosa Island!

We meet on the back patio at around 1pm CST, and
hang out there, or in the vicinity, for as long as
we want... we are usually there until 9-10pm.

Some people stay over and continue networking the
following day (Sunday). In the past, some have gone
to a local comedy club (Howl At The Moon) that Sunday
night. When I last talked to the owners of the
comedy club, business was WAY down, and they were
thinking of closing down.

There are still LOTS of things to do in the area,
and we can certainly do other things as a group.
That's also partly why I thought of the deep sea
fishing trip. I know numerous owners of charter
fishing boats, and can get a really good deal on a
half day fishing trip if there is enough interest.
The size of the boat would depend upon how much
interest we have, but it is something I'm already

Actually, I'm constantly looking into a lot of things.
I know a lot of local business owners!

I plan in being in town all the following week, so
if you want to stay over and meet during that week,
we can also arrange that!

The beach-side restaurant doesn't generally care how
long we stay, although they may move us to a different
section of the restaurant depending upon customer

There are lots of picnic tables, pagodas, and other
hangouts in the area... and I may even be able to
lock down use of a local condo.

There is no cost for the gathering, except you pay
for your own meals and lodging. Most of us order
something at the restaurant, and many attendees stay
at one of the many local hotels... some turning it
into a nice family vacation.

The gathering is just online friend who know each
other via social media, forums like the Warrior
Forum, or perhaps have met at seminars.

Some attend just to hang out with friends.

Others attend for some SERIOUS networking and bring
along handouts and details of projects that they
are working on... realizing that this IS an
excellent opportunity to find JV partners.

Here are some photos from past gatherings (in
Facebook Albums):

If you think that you can attend or would like more
information, please let me know. It's not essential,
but it allows me to let the restaurant know how many
to expect... they'll give us a section of the patio.

The whole gathering is VERY informal... and people
come and go as desired.

YOU are definitely invited!

Let me know what questions you have.

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