San Francisco: "Finding Freedom: Freelancing, Working Remotely and Productivity"

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Ever caught yourself sitting idle, contemplating what it would be like to work on your own terms? Or rethinking your work to create space to launch a startup or pursue a passion project? Or just to have more freedom in your current role?

We have partnered with Freelancer to host Finding Freedom: Freelancing, Remote Work and Productivity.

This evening is an opportunity to discuss remote and freelance work with two remote working vets as they share their experiences and provide sage advice about going it alone: surviving and thriving in the modern world while staying motivated, productive and free from the shackles of traditional work cultures.

Spend an evening at our new San Francisco flagship location learning with fellow remote workers and freelancers and hosted by our remote working Head of New Markets, Crystal Henrickson and’s Regional Director, Nik Badminton.

Date: Thursday, June 25
Time: 6-8pm, PST
Where: Breather, 510 Mission St, San Francisco

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Pajamas Are Optional: Best Practices for Productive Work While You’re Remote
Crystal shares a few tried-and-true tricks for creating productive, peaceful environments where you can do your best work, as well as the benefits of a “third space” in order to stimulate our most creative and productive work.

About Crystal:
Crystal Henrickson recruits and manages remote teams like Breather where she currently heads up new markets, all the while thinking about internal communications, company culture and about productivity at work. She has made the leap from remote to freelance and back again several times over, spanning industries and verticals, from wellness and lifestyle, to startups and tech with more in between and has become a mentor and coach to many who choose a similar path.

How to Survive and Thrive as a Remote Developer
Nik provides a view of the challenges and opportunities that developers face when they choose to work remotely. He also discusses the opportunity to become a digital nomad and use as a platform for work and connection.

About Nik:
Nik Badminton thinks about the future of work, the collaborative economy and technology-driven innovations. He is also leading the charge of expanding across Canada and the USA. He is one of the most notable speakers on the future disruptive technology, writes for the Huffington Post and curates events related to technology, culture and humanity. In his 18 year career he has had 12 jobs and went freelance 5 times. This experience lends itself nicely to this topic.

Register for FREE - + Breather Present "Finding Freedom: Freelancing, Working Remotely and Productivity" - BreatherBreather
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