Mastermind in Barcelona

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Hi Fellow Warriors,

This is a call out to anyone in Spain or who comes here regularly to hold a mastermind group here in Barcelona.

Also a local meetup style group is also on the cards.

Also anybody interested in touching the 20 million euro-spenders in Spain now online or the 333 million person Spanish-speaking market, GET IN TOUCH!

Jody in Barcelona
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    Hey Jody!

    This is Jordi from Barcelona.

    I just sent you an email, but in case you didn't get it I'd be glad to take part in any mastermind group here in Barcelona.

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    Count me in!
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    Hi Chewie and BCNking,

    Ok so we are already 3 people to exchange ideas, and mastermind! Great!

    Let's exchange contact info and arrange a meeting.

    My mobile is 627838081
    Email: info at



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    Love to join in!

    I am in central Portugal near Lisbon but can buy a plane ticket to join the group.

    Are you going to host this in one day only or along the weekend?
    People make good money selling to the rich. But the rich got rich selling to the masses.
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    We should do also virtual sessions everyweek
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    I'm Xavi from Barcelona. Would be great to have meetings with warriors here and start to hit the spanish market!!
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    Great Guys!

    many "count me in!", but now we have to put a date and hour, right?

    Vamos a quedar. Por mi, puede ser cualquier día. A la final, este estilo de vida de "Warrior" nos permite crearnos nuestro propio horario
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    Did you guys ever get organized? Any meetings?

    I am planning to come to Barcelona in late fall (Oct-Nov?) and I could even share some insider WP knowledge if you have a group interested in it.

    PM me.

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    I'm interested in your offer. Anyone in Barcelona, Spain can get my on skype. mcjabb1

    I hope to hear from you all!
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    Guys...come on...too much "yeah!, sure!, etc.!" but nothing clear.

    When and Where?
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      You got to be kidding me. I just moved back to the United States and was living there this last year. I so wish I would have seen this earlier. I lived on calle padilla y rosselló near Sagrada Famila. BUMMER. That would have been awesome.
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    OK, here is another internet marketer landing in Barcelona...
    I'm new in BCN but I'm not new in internet marketing.

    Lets meet.

    Also I just registered for the "Barcelona Affiliate Conference" - 8th - 11th September. We can meet there.
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    I'm interested in joining the mastermind in Barcelona. Please, inform me of any updates or details.

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    I am from Barcelona and also interested to join all of you...
    Please keep in touch with me in case you meet!
    Thank you
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    I'm new to warrior forum but not Barcelona! I really want a mastermind group here, it would help me stay on track with all my lofty goals!

    I think you all would like a group too...but it seems no one wants to take a lead role. I would offer to assist anyone who wants to step up as mastermind group leader, I cant do it myself because I spend a lot of time away...though perhaps we can arrange an online group first and then share the leadership role at any of our face to face meetings. What do you think?
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    Who's currently in Barcelona? Would love to re-start a meetup.
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