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Hey people,
Was wondering if there are any Warriors from Brasil or in Brasil in here?
As I spend a considerable amount of time each year in Brasil, would be cool to network with and why not organise a Master Mind meeting with other Warriors in/from Brasil. So all Warriors in Brasil, make your voice heard! Let's network!


#brazil #warriors
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    i am!

    belem, pará, brasil.
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    Hey, whats up? I'm Portuguese.

    Do you have Skype?
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      I am brazilian but unfortunately I am not in Brazil....I am in Orlando!!

      If you don't mind me asking do you work in Brazil?

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    Heyy How are you Dude.

    I am from Brasil Sao Paulo But Living In NYC .

    Where are you locate ?
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    Hey, guys...Im new in this forum Just answering the roll call! Porto Alegre here!
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    Fala galera!
    Im from SP, would be great to get in touch with people around here, or even who lives in another state
    skype: mts.lolcos
    facebook: /matheusm31
    lets get in touch!

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    I'm brazilian too... From Rio de Janeiro!
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    I'm brazilian too... From Recife
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      Is there a good IM forum in Brazil?

      I'm Brazilian and i don't have brazilian friends who do that, lol.
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        From Rio de Janeiro! Just add me on skype and we can share some stuff.
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    Wow, there is a lot of brazilian people here.

    I'm from São Paulo. If there is anybody who lives/is coming here, please let me know.
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    add me as well: mcwalker25

    i love to share what i've learned.
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    Hello Everyone,
    I´m Brazilian and live in Brasília-DF, Capital of Brazil,
    Feel Free to contact me here,
    Best Regards!
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    Sou de Rio Grande - RS, me adicionem neste grupo para trocarmos diferentes conhecimentos.

    Meu skype é angelo.recaman
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