Online Mastermind Groups for Solopreneurs

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I've been facilitating Mastermind Groups for business owners since 2009. The Goals & Accountability Group has been active for almost 3 years, with many members renewing after each session. Membership was limited to invitees only, some related to a specific industry and others by recommendation from Group members.

October of 2015 I took the Groups public - offering them to outsiders and interviewing each person before inviting them into a Group. Members are renewing and I'm considering having 3 Groups instead of 2, beginning January 2016.

I will be facilitating a 6 month Group called The Grow Alliance, members must attend the Goals & Accountability Group first. Why? Because that is where you learn how to be a member of a Mastermind Group that I facilitate and it gives you time to get to know me and trust me.

The Basics:

1. You register your interest and we have a conversation to determine if the Group is the right fit for you.
2. Group membership is limited to 6 people for maximum effectiveness.
3. The purpose of the group is to hold each other accountable for reaching the goal(s) you set at the first meeting.
4. 90 days, meet 2x/month, use shared spreadsheet on Google drive to write your goal(s) for everyone to see and for updating your progress.
5. Meet January - March 2016 the 2nd & 4th Wednesday or Thursday from 4 pm ET - 6 pm ET
6. Meetings are online using the Zoom platform, are not recorded and have structure so that all in attendance know what to expect.

My Groups are structured along the lines of Napolean Hill's idea that 6 people gather on a regular basis to help each other solve problems, share resources, share expertise/knowledge, share networks. They are for serious people looking to grow themselves and their businesses by helping others while they get the help they need.

You can learn more and see a few testimonials here: GROW With A Mastermind Group - Home

You can schedule a meeting with me directly via my calendar:

You can learn more about me, personally, as a business owner:

If you're ready to move on those goals, have a group of people focused on helping you succeed, then let's talk.
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