Shah Alam, Malaysia Meetup !

by Raja Kamil 12 replies
Hi warriors,
Lets have a meetup, we minum-minum and brainstorming for next 1 millions project together
#local meetups, mastermind groups and warrior events #alam #malaysia #meetup #shah
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    I am from Kuching,
    Please send me a PM with your skype so that I can add you
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    I am from KL, Would love to be a part of it
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    Count me in, I am from Kuala Lumpur.

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    Hi, I would love to join. From Terengganu but since I do my online biz full time, I have no problem to come to Shah Alam. Am I too late? PM me with your Skype/Facebook to add. Thanks.

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    Not sure if this is still active.
    Hey guys, I'm base in KL. Do PM me so that we can keep in touch and make things grow to the next level.

    The 3 INSANELY Effective Methods To Achieve Your Goals, GO HERE.

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    I want it. PM me
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    hi guys... was wondering whether you are with any affiliate network in Malaysia? or if you are interested to explore being a publisher? is this message allowed in forum thread? ping me if you have a content site

    Ping me on Skype : fiftyshadesofcpa

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    Hi all, nice to meet you all, im currently an affiliate marketer for sfimg & a insurance agent representing Zurich Insurance.
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    Next week I will be in Malaysia. Is there some meet ups plan in future?
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    count me in .. from kl here =)
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    can i have ur facebook?
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    Following this post, KL Selangor.
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