Online Group Forming for Beginner and Intermediate Internet Marketers

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Hello warriors, Charlene Burke here!

A bit of background on myself:

I am a Marketing & Search Consultant. I started a business research/online marketing agency in 2008. I've trained in-house marketing professionals of small and medium-sized busineses about online marketing - SEO, content/article marketing, video strategies, lead generation, blogging, building a WordPress site, and more. For over a year I was the SEO Advisor for the local Small Business Development Center. And, my formal education includes a BA in Business/Marketing + being part of marketing teams for non-profit and for-profit businesses.

I am a trained facilitator - which means I know how to:
  • organize meetings
  • keep track of time
  • encourage discussion
  • manage discussions
  • help people stay on topic
  • make sure all participants have an opportunity speak
  • ask questions to be sure the participant receives good answers
  • and more...
I have been facilitating Mastermind Groups for Business Owners since 2009 - my first group is marketing agency owners and they've been meeting regularly with 3 core members still active. I also have a group of owners with various types of businesses ranging from manufacturing to online teaching, from in-person tutoring to life coach. Another group is profession focused as independent information professionals (business researchers) all with different niches they focus on.

I am starting a Mastermind Group for Internet Marketers
  • This group will be focused on helping each other.
  • This group is only for those that want results and want to expand their knowledge.
  • This group is for you if you've ever wondered:
  • why that last sales funnel didn't work.
  • why the emails are getting as many click throughs.
  • if your next idea is a good one.

This group will be available to you to:
  • ask questions of
  • get advice from
  • bounce ideas off of
  • find collaboration and joint venture partners in

This is NOT group coaching - if you don't know something the group is there to help you learn, guide you.

This is NOT for anyone brand new to internet marketing - if you don't know what SEO means, or what a marketing funnel is, this is not the group for you.​

This is NOT a group to sell to.

From me and from others: You will learn mindset, focus, success principles that work to make your business successful. You will achieve your goals. You will gain confidence in your skills. You will become the best person

  • Does not matter how much you currently make
  • Only for those that are already making money online
  • *Maximum number of people is 10*
  • Have the knowledge to help other members in the group
  • Must know what you're doing
  • Be willing to commit to 3 months of membership because, honestly, it takes that long to feel the positive effects of being a member - after 3 months it is a month-to-month commitment with new members taking the open seats of those who decide to leave.

You must apply so that we can meet 1:1 on Zoom, I can answer all your questions and provide you with the 'rules of engagement'


Meet 2x/month on the 2nd & 4th Wednesday of the month from 1 pm ET - 3 pm ET
Meet via Zoom so we can see and hear each other, which aids in gaining trust and rapport

The cost is $97/month with payments made via PayPal link.

Yes, there is a cost. It makes sure you're serious about growing your business and that you'll treat the group as an important part of your business growth. Free groups fall apart quickly because members don't take it seriously - and, rarely do free groups have a leader who knows how to manage the group.

Info about the groups: Online Mastermind Groups

What members have said about being a member: Member Testimonials

Select to Join Now and you'll be taken to the contact page. Fill it out and you'll receive an email from me to meet via Zoom. Then we will meet, ask questions, answer questions, confirm you want to join and you'll know what to expect from there.

~ Charlene Burke
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